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I always like video games, from elementary school after afternoon afternoon on friends' computers for the first time playing them. There is almost a fantastic thing that we can move around the image and interact with the virtual world, a live fantasy presents us with us interacting with us, but we please. I have always wanted to do the game myself, but until recently, there was no technical knowledge to do so. Now that I am a second year of software engineering students, so if I do not have too much drama to write a game, there will be serious mistakes. But ordinary people: that "memory leak" calls their grandfather, the image of the pipeline. Is the place where water is flowing, is unheard of? Well, everyone can enter the game creation process, and you do not even need to learn "real" programming to do so

So where does the game start? Have an idea. Games, like all fiction, need an idea to be successful. Of course, in the same way, you can sit down and write a story without vision, you can jump in and play a game together. But unless you get ridiculous lucky, the best works are usually those that have been pre-considered.

There are two ways to plan a project. You can start from a known technical stand on which to build your project, or you can go to design, add any number of features and ideas, and then delete those you can use when you decide You are going to realize the game's technology. In general, the second type may be the best choice for designing a game. When you first start, the first option will make you a lot of headaches

So, for the first game you will want a very simple idea. Do not make me wrong, the idea of ​​crazy nuts game is fantastic and there should be more of them there, but you can not create a real world simulator with 50 billion virtual people all interact with real time with your actions There is a butterfly effect in the virtual world of the future when it's just your first game. true. Many people try it; I know there is no success. Imitation is the best way to start. Simple games such as "Space Invaders", "Tetris", "Pacman" or even Pong & is the great place to start. All are easy to create, but there are some inherent challenges. & Nbsp; Pacman & # 145; For example, you need a ghosting path lookup. I suggest you start simpler than your first attempt. The space invaders are a nice point to jump. You can do a simple, complete game without much effort, it's almost infinitely scalable

If you insist on an idea, choose a type you like. You like adventure games such as "Monkey Island", "Green Van Tanner", "Space Quest", "King's Quest" and so on. The Design one of them. You are fighting in the game, such as street overlord, iron fist, Soul Calibur, live fast fight # Come up with an idea. Do you prefer it as the first item, but you can always give it once.You can be free as a general, because you like it, after all, it is A learning experience

Now that you have your idea, it's time to come out of the flesh. Do not worry about the technology or the fact that you may not know how to actually implement a game just grab yourself some paper and one Including the pencil, the crazy idea. Describe the main characters, games, goals, interacts, stories and key maps, whatever you can think of. Make sure you have enough detail so that someone can read through notes and play games in their heads relative It is almost always a bad idea to change the game design in the encoding process, and it should be set until the adjustment phase (I will introduce it later) or you may enter the "development hell" after the setup is complete, the project continues;

– A written game in the end of this period of your game creation, you should have the following:

– a written game & # 146; possible Is a sketch or two (either a spacecraft, a yellow circle, a car or a prince of Falgour's dark kingdom, you need to know who the player will be or what they will compete with)

Written summary (if any, this is too important for the space invaders or Tetris, but for the task of Awesomeness it is a good idea)

Description, writing, or storyboards. The storyboard is the visual representation of the idea. Draw your character in the action, the arrow shows the action flow and the short written description, detailing what happened in your image (because some of us Not a fantastic artist, our images may be a bit & # 133);

Now that you have a rich idea, it's time to figure out how this will be put together. If you've got this And worry that you will have to spend years learning complex programming languages ​​to achieve your ideas, do not be afraid! Others have already done a hard drive for you. There are many RAD (fast application development) tools available for game creation, some of which Online, some of which still require you to learn the scripting language (simplified programming language for specific tasks), but in general this is not too complicated or involved. I have written some of the things I found at the end of the article [1945900]

Well, this should be enough to get you started to create your game. Once you get so far, the most important thing to remember is that you need to complete it Your game. Many people start a project and then lose interest, it fails, or they move on to a new project without completing anything. Start small, build a job (if simple) game, yes, first, finish. When you arrive at this stage, you will always have plenty of things that you want to change, fix, etc. But you will get a great feeling from knowing it in its way to finish

From this point on, You can start the adjustment phase. Play your game several times and ask someone else to do the same. Pay attention to what is boring or can be better, change things here. At this stage, it is more important than ever to keep a previous version of the backup so that if the changes do not work, you can return and try different operations without losing any work. It is at this point that you can add all the new features to improve the graphics and sound, whatever you want, safe knowledge, you work on a solid foundation

When you are happy with your game, Why not share with the world? There are a lot of cheap or free places where you can host your files and then you can jump on the link list and forum so that everyone understands your creations. Well, I hope this is a useful introduction to create the art of the game. It has a lot of fun, you can open the new creative expression of the channel, let you go to explore.

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