Crime never pay

Crime is a bad thing. The previous sentence is a low-key description, as well as an inaccurate description of the concept of crime.

When someone crashes, he or she must violate the law of the law that applies to his or her place and the main criminal behavior that shows that if a law is destroyed, it must be reprisals or justice.

Fast problem. You run a red light which means you violate traffic regulations. Does that mean you are a criminal?

Probably not.

If this is the case, then about three quarters of the US driving population will be criminals. Fortunately, this is not the case. A criminal in a broad sense refers to a violation of political or moral law. A more specific definition of crime is a violation of criminal law.

Since the operation of the red light is a violation of traffic laws and not a criminal law, we are not prepared to indicate that more than half of the drivers

The general rules for defining a crime may vary from country to country,

"Actus Reus and Mens Rea", yes, I know. For the vast majority of outsiders, these two words does not mean anything. Actus Reus means "guilty behavior". This means that criminal behavior has occurred. Men mean "guilty". This means that one side has a malicious intention. In general, these two concepts must exist for a behavior that is considered a criminal act.

Corpus Delicti. Some people can commit crimes. But somehow you found them in court without guilt. Usually, this is because no corpus delicti is found (yes, more Latin …). No corpus (or "criminal evidence"), no criminal offense.

Assist crime.

In some systems, a simple association of organized crime is punished, or it may be guilty of committing other crimes or assisting others to commit crimes. The role played by the conspiracy includes communication as "surveillance" or simply assisting criminals.

Suspended by the plan? In some areas, even if the crime has not yet been completed, attempts to unilateral crime may also be punished. For example, even if you did not do so successfully, murdering a person is generally a criminal offense.

The crazy way out. Most Western systems do not severely punish individual crimes inadvertently or without reaching a legal age. Those who proved to be crazy when they were guilty were examples.

Since the mad people are considered not to properly control their decision-making ability, they can not be accused of their malice.

When a criminal evidence is found, a criminal act can be tried. So that the suspect can prove innocent, or let the court prove that they are guilty. If guilty, the person is now punished by the state.

Crime is not a joke. Is not charged. A good understanding of the basic concepts of law makes understanding, appreciation and compliance more straightforward and attractive.