Critical Book Review – People Buying Your Jeb Blount

The book on how to increase sales may be on any number of business types. For businesses and organizations that do not have income, they can not pay, pay their suppliers, ensure that fixed costs are covered, and still have sufficient monetary reserves or profits

For more than 30 years, I have always believed in who as a Who is who you are before as a salesperson. In this book, people buy you, Jeb really take this belief, making it very real and practical.

His commonsense writing method mixes with personal stories to enhance the success of the sales start and end the authenticity of the individual. Using a variety of historical and contemporary resources, he weaves a very simple and compelling argument that what is sold is not selling, but about buying. The first product or service your potential customer buys is you

After eliminating several well-known myths about sales, he shares the five levers with the reader:

  1. Be likable
  2. Connect
  3. Solve problems
  4. Build trust
  5. Creating Positive Emotions
  6. There are more than nine pages dedicated to the importance of smiling, incredibly interesting and insightful. In most other sales training coaching books, the reader will be exposed to specific sales techniques, such as making a great case and presenting open questions so that we do not forget how to complete the transaction

    Blount did not share him The experience and freedom to admit to do some terrible errors.

    In the marketing phase of the sales process, the other accepted behavior is to establish the concept of rapport.

      In the marketing process of the entire sales process, the other accepted behavior is to build a harmonious concept . Blunt suggests that this primitive form is pure manipulation. Perhaps that is why I have always been inclined to build a mutual understanding and useful relationship.

      He discusses this in great detail in Chapter 7, which demonstrates the importance of creating a positive emotional experience. I especially liked what he said, many others said, "This will not spend nuthin is good. Poor grammar and spelling aside, it is very real. Sales Training Coach Tip: I can get more honey than you You can use vinegar

      The first seven chapters all lead to the last chapter and are dedicated to your own brand. So if you want to be a red jacket that stands out among the crowd then this is a must-have in your Professional Development Plan