Danger of Drinking Coffee

If you drink coffee because you think you need to change or change you every day, especially if you work in a US company, there are some things to consider when this liquid medicine is esophagus The first cause of cancer:

The first thing you should consider is – why would you drink something so hot that if you stick your fingers on it, will it burn you out if you burn The fingers, what do you think about the body's tissues and cells? Hot drinks will destroy (kill) your cells, ie cancer!

Coffee is a stimulant to the central nervous system. Drink coffee suppresses the release of natural brain opioids (making you feel good and resist pain). Women need all the natural brain opiates, and their bodies can gather together, especially during menstruation, not to mention childbirth (which is very painful because of the excessive reduction of modern American female opiates). Coffee may change you for a while, but it will definitely lower (make you more hungry, after all, it's a drug, at least in the state we use today). Excessive consumption of coffee can cause the hand to tremble and tremble tightly. Coffee has greatly damaged the nervous system

Coffee also killed the adrenal glands. Almost every American has an adrenal gland!

Coffee accelerates these glands, but also keeps them down.

Coffee contains doping caffeine. This is caffeine, unlike the bioactive caffeine produced in green tea, black tea, yaba, guarana and nuts. Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant, followed by a depressing stage that causes fatigue, tension, irritability, fatigue, and frequent headaches. Caffeine shrinks the blood vessels of the brain and causes blood flow to decrease, thereby reducing the oxygen supply to the brain, leading to brain damage in the brain. It also adds 15% of the heartbeat to make your lungs work 13 times more than normal work.

Volatile oil in caffeine is called caffeine, irritating to the stomach lining, causing indigestion

Another chemical substance in this liquid medicine is coffee-tannic acid. This chemical is used for tanning. Coffee is a drug! Coffee is a drug! Coffee is a drug! Coffee is a drug! Do you know why coffee is free in US companies? Because it allows people to work by accelerating the brain and efficiently, so that work can get the best productivity from their workers (slaves). People drink coffee in the morning and drink at least 3 cups (more than 400 milligrams of caffeine) at noon. But before noon, they were mentally knocked down, which explains why the productivity at noon in the United States has fallen. Then, the workers will drink caffeine, or drink soda, or eat chocolate, which is why you see these vatchers selling soda and chocolate in American companies.

If you want to get something from someone else, just give them some caffeine. Coffee, chocolate, cigarettes and soda coffee all have caffeine. What do they provide for people when the investigators or police want to get information from people? A cup of coffee and a cigarette!

In the war, American soldiers give them the children of the countries they are and are opposed (especially when they want information)? Chocolate!

Most restaurants and dinners offer you a cup of coffee. why? Because the coffee will remove the taste (taste buds) and smell (smell) and make your stomach desire food so that you will become hungry, be able to smell the food and start eating food with food. Why do you think they have a taste of coffee beans in a jar of an aromatherapy shop?

Did you know that the early Arab Muslims had offered the potential or hopeful Muslim conversion and warrior free coffee in the lecture so that they could enter (smell) to join Islam in the so-called jihad (jihad) In the fight for the cause of Islam?

The Arabs sealed the coffee market. When the Europeans shook hands and tasted on coffee for the first time, they were crazy. Europeans want to start the coffee market in Europe, but the Arabs do not do that! Some European merchants began to secretly export coffee from Africa and Arab (coffee origin) and import it into Europe. The Europeans do not want the Arabs to know what they are doing with drugs (coffee), so once the Europeans add the coffee to their country, they begin to quote it with the code name, such as Java, Mocha and Cappuccino. European businessmen exporting coffee from the name of the country. Java is an island in Indonesia. Mocha is a city of Arabian Yemen. Cappucino's name comes from the Italian city of Kaplin (all Arab Muslim sites). The name of the coffee itself comes from coffee, coffee, Ethiopian name

A good choice for coffee is Teeccino herbal coffee, from grilled beans, barley, chicory roots, figs, dates, orange peel and almonds. It is very tasty, tasting like coffee, if not better. Most of the health food stores, such as the whole food market (1-800-SHOP-WFM), you can find it (and other flavors)

Strawberry Tea, such as Guarana, Coke Kernels, Alpine, also a very good substitute for coffee, including harmless bioactive caffeine

Herbal borage, basil, licorice, ginseng, astragalus and vitamins are very good for the recovery of the adrenal

Thank you for reading!