Day Trading Stocks – Why You Have Never Really Buy or Sell Stocks

Do not buy stocks. Does this sound really strange or even wrong? If they do not buy or sell anything, who can trade? This is a matter of feeling

Think of a deal as opening and closing a problem rather than buying or selling, long or short of your stock. For new or somewhat inexperienced traders, sometimes it may be a rather difficult concept to master.

One approach I recommend is to print a chart from your trading chart software, any stock, stock, index, etc. You will hear a trader talking position is turned on and off. Now just rotate the page 90 degrees so that the newest data points to the top. What you are seeing now is your stock to the left or right, not up or down.

What I am saying is that it shows that depending on your view, what the stock price is doing and what you can now see is the stock left to right to the left without increasing or decreasing the price or up And down. So you do not really buy or sell, but to determine whether the stock will be along one or the other direction.

In addition, I strongly recommend you use a slow or slower trend stock, FTSE 250 or 350 to provide such stock, it will be easy. Commodities are generally unstable.