Did your site render these pages design errors?

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If your site does not have a social sharing button on its webpage or blog, it is obvious why your site does not attract traffic and experience any conversions. Your site design must be social media friendly. This means that you must make sure that it is easy for visitors to share your content with friends and followers of social media. You can also bring social media experiences to your site in a variety of ways.

No response to web design

Now, if you want to design a website, it should look not only on desktops and laptops, but also on smartphones and tablets. This is because most people visit websites that use their mobile devices. When the site is using a mobile device without giving a satisfactory user experience, it will not succeed.

Bored version

Those who visit your site will search your website about the best things about your site. To make sure you meet their expectations, use the appropriate typography. For typography is ideal, it must be clear and unique, emphasizing your overall website styling with the correct size and spacing. When you use regular typesetting, you may not make a big mistake, but it can make your site look very common, just like other sites. This may have a negative impact on conversions.

Website users want to have a quick web browser, as well as a simple way from point A to point B. As a result, navigation on your site should be easy to use, easy to track, and have a hierarchical arrangement. In many cases, bad navigation is like a party spoiler. Navigation should be able to get people to find their way on your site, find the information they need, and come up with a wise decision.

You should choose the perfect picture of the pixels associated with your website. In general, people think that most web designers can do this, but that is not the case. Some designers will not choose the right picture for their website, which is a huge mistake. The picture may cause the site to succeed or fail and use a mediocre picture that does not relate to the purpose of the site and the visitor does not work well and becomes a barrier to conversion