Differences between SGX Nifty and S and P CNX Nifty and Nifty

What is SGX Nifty? The Singapore Stock Exchange or Singapore Exchange is one of the leading stock exchanges in Asia, and the movement is partly reflected in the other stock indices of the continent. SGX Nifty is the Singapore Stock Exchange Nifty, which means that CNX Nifty India is traded on the Singapore Exchange. It is a very popular derivative of the SGX as it allows foreign investors to position on the Indian market

On the SGX, Indian equities can not trade but allow future products such as SGX Nifty Futures . As such, it is a derivative of the NSE Nifty Index, the basis of the Singapore Exchange for facilitating futures trading. It allows FII and other individuals to invest in Nifty futures. As the deal is for the NSE index, Singapore Nifty is based on the NSE index price (S & P CNX Nifty) closing price settlement. Trading Hours – There are two types of contracts in SGX that have different billing cycles –

1 . E – SGX QUEST (T) settlement on the same day, time – Monday to Friday – 9.00AM – 6.15PM

2 . 1 – 1AM

These two contracts have different trading hours so that traders around the world can trade in one of the following trading days: – E – SGX QUEST (T + 1) SGX even if the market closes. FII through SGX Nifty and India's future contract investment in India than in Singapore 2.5 hours later. SGX is open in Singapore at 9 am, which is calculated according to IST 6.30. Therefore, by tracking Singapore Nifty, we can predict the initial direction of the Indian stock market.

The difference between the Singapore Nifty and the NSE index (S & P CNX Nifty) –

Beautiful products are denominated in US dollars for foreign traders or investors using SGX The product provides direct currency protection when hedging. In the case of Nifty Futures, foreign investors must merge the position of Nifty Futures with the position of the Doller-rupee forward market

Foreign investors have to go through a variety of complexities to get Indian Nifty, so the dollar rupee Forward market.

The Singapore market opens approximately two hours before the Indian market, directly related to the NSE market. SGX-Nifty How to influence the Indian stock market It moves relative to India's Nifty and is therefore used as an initial step in predicting the Indian market for the Indian market. In addition, India and Singapore are in the same continent, the two markets common market, the other is the most common decision to another market sentiment. This is why it is easy for Indian advisory and financial institutions to advise SGX Nifty on trading