Do I have to buy a mirror especially suited to my bathroom as a vanity mirror?

No, the homeowner does not have to buy a special mirror as a bathroom mirror with a vanity mirror. The so-called bathroom mirrors are usually those gentle mirrors found by the homeowner in the big box store or even the bathroom section of the hardware store.

The mirror is a piece of glass with a metallic back, usually silver or aluminum, to reflect on it. The mirrors may be flat, concave or convex. The concave mirror enlarges the reflex and helps with shaving and makeup. Unless the homeowner discovers they are really uncomfortable, these mirrors may be nice to put in the bathroom. When choosing and using mirrors in the bathroom, what really matters is lighting. The bathroom lighting should not be too bright, the homeowner should know the different quality of the light emitted by fluorescent, incandescent and halogen lamps

The homeowner may have a vanity mirror in the bathroom is the inevitable heat and humidity room. Mirrors with wooden frames can be quite beautiful but are not strongly recommended for use in bathroom mirrors as they can swell and warp if they are not treated with a sealant. High humidity can also damage the reflective backing of the mirror and cause conditions known as foxes. These are the dark spots that can be seen in the glass. Some people, especially collectors, like these places, but some people may find them unsightly.

The vanity mirror in the bathroom must also be firmly fixed to the wall. The walls must be smooth, strong and dry. Adhesives that do not use adhesives can be attached to the wall without the use of clips or screws or any other hardware attached to the mirror. A mirror, especially if it is heavy, should be anchored to the anchor with a solid wall and anchor. They should not hang a screw, but the screws are arranged in a way that will distribute the weight of the mirror and make sure it is safe.

Of course, if there is a solid shelf on the wall, the mirror can simply support it on top of it against the

If the bathroom is an en suite bathroom, the vanity mirror should complement the bathroom's decor and even the bedroom decor. One thing that can be done in a bathroom or a powder room is to use make-up lights on the edge. This established, long Hollywood movie and actor's dressing room, offering shadeless light, is the ideal choice for make-up. The bathroom mirror in the seaside cabana can be surrounded by pretty shells. Owners can use some glue and shells from the beach to do their own. The dressing mirror may have a gorgeous, etched glass or metal frame or no frame at all.

A cosmetic mirror can be purchased from A big box store. Some people even find their favorite mirrors in the street, waiting to be abandoned with other people's garbage

So, considering the humidity and heat, any kind of mirror can be a good bathroom.