Do not be forced to purchase water filtration system

Six o'clock, dinner on the table. The phone rang, guess who it is. Yes, you are right, this is a salesman, whether he has to trade for you. "Do you have time to arrange an appointment to show our wonderful water filtration system this week? They will even test your water for free! Slow down and ask yourself two very important questions when they appear to test your water, sell Give you a system you may not need or even want

When you consider the idea of ​​filtering water for your home, you need to be based on your decision based on two things

  1. Do you notice the physical problems of water before someone comes to test your water and give a list of toxic ingredients? Is there a bad taste or an unpleasant smell? What is the stain left by your water in the sink or the mineral in the electrical
  2. How much do you want to invest to solve your problem? What is your budget? Know it, write it down before you enter your house. It's like going to the auction. You have to know your limit before the sale of emotion begins to convince you that you can not afford something that says "yes"

There is a huge difference between a kettle filter in your fridge and a full house filter in your garage or well room. The latter option sends pure water to every faucet and electrical appliance in your home. The whole house system will cost you thousands of pitcher filters than you do in the fridge for $ 30. It sounds like I am against any such to buy your house. On the contrary, I am one of those salesmen. I have gone too much of the house, where there are guys about a year, serious oversold them, gone and did not explain how to change the filter or maintenance unit. Now they have bad water again because the unit is blocked and the unit side of the phone number is broken.

If the smell is your biggest problem, then you need to determine what the origin is the smell before you invest in a system that removes it. If the taste is your problem, then you may have too much mineral or organic matter in your water, you need to filter out the minerals before you can enjoy crisp transparent glass to filter the water. The minerals in the water are different from the minerals in your food. The minerals in the water are insoluble in your body and can not be absorbed

Do not oversold. Anyone can come to your home, test your water to be forgotten, and according to your water "test results" to sell your moon. The best advice I can give you when buying a water system is to give it a few days to think and then make a decision. Any good water system worth buying today in rush is good, after a few days, consider your real reason to buy a water filter system after buying it. If I feel the customer's anxiety or hesitation, I will leave detailed information and prices just go away. One day a phone call will decide whether I have a solid customer

I'm not saying no to buy. What I am saying is that you need to know why you buy a water filtration system at first. I am the biggest advocate of what I know. I only drink reverse osmosis water. But if you are not out of the reason for using filtered water, then you will not be satisfied with the system they are selling to you, regardless of cost. I first realized that when I drank my first cup, I wanted to filter the water. I hung up from then on. So when you think about these ideas for your home ask yourself why you do it If you really do not like the taste or smell of your water, it prevents you from drinking or using as much water as you should and then say that it is & # 39 ;. Make a purchase. If you do not like what hard water do your pipes and electrical appliances. make change. Buy water supply for your home. You will not regret