Do not be knocked down by mango

I live in the north, I am very clear that mango is not here. You can tell them by looking at them. These parts of the tree will not produce such a big thing. So when we buy mango at the grocery store, we are less likely to know if they are mature, we really do not know how to treat them when they go home

If you have been in the mango cultivation place, you know the choice The best way to mango is to find a ripe thing hanging from the tree – not seen in our local grocery store. Mango happens to be one of those fruits that can not tolerate early harvest and long distance transport

There are two main types of red and green (up to eight inches) and small yellow (three or four inches long). Mango is ripe when ripe, even more mature than ripe avocado. If they are picked green, they will often become brown rather than mature, in which case they have a very unpleasant taste. When this happens, there is nothing to do with the addition of them to the compost heap.

When you buy mango, know what happens to the skin is a challenge, but here's a hint of help. Black spots or flaws almost always indicate the internal problems of mango, and if properly mature, there will be a pleasant and aromatic aroma.

If you buy soft matures that are not ripe enough, rather than giving a noticeable pleasant smell, put them in brown paper bags with several semi-mature bananas. Bananas are issued with ethylene gas at maturity, which is used to ripen fruit in commercial packaging plants. Mature mango is so tasty; try to ripen them is worth it. But unfortunately, mango choice too fast will not mature, so if you buy green, you always take this risk.

If you are really buying a full green mango, I would suggest you use those cooking instead of trying to mature. They will have a pleasant taste. You can mash them and mix them with rice and vegetables, add them to the soup, put them in a fruit salad or mix them as a delicious meat

Make sure that at some point in your life, Get fresh ripe mango from the tree. There is no taste in the world too