Do not Buy Online Bikes – Until You Read This Review

Yes, Pocket Bikes are Amazing Fun, Yes, They Go Very Fast but Lack of Dealers in Your Area Buy a pocket bike online. If you are one of the many killed buying pocket bicycles let me give you a run on a bike looking for

Be careful of cheap imitations – if you buy a pocket car I would recommend getting a more popular model. There are a lot of "knock on the door" that will waste your money and ruin your pocket bike experience. These knockout parts are hard to find, and eventually they'll drive you crazy. Below I have a link that lists the most popular Pocket Bikes. So, if you are a serious buyer, check

to decide whether to convert automatically or manually! When reading on a bike, view the shift options. Some bicycles are available both manually and automatically. If you want a real motorcycle feel, then go manually and look for bikes with manual clutches. If you are nervous, then when you buy a bike automatically.

Know Your Country's Law! – Before you buy a bike, you have to know what is legal in your state street. Contact your local law enforcement agency or search online. If you spend hundreds of dollars, you should know which models will work for you.

Go to the professional bike dealer online! You do not want to be trapped in your pocket rocket in your driveway. is some great stuff, but not a pocket bike. Having a pocket bike is much more expensive then a more professional site. You can save hundreds of dollars or spend the same amount and get better bikes in different online manufacturers

Finally it's safe just because it's a mini bike does not mean you can not get hurt. Some of these puppies can go 60 M.P.H. So equipment. You Will Need A Helmet