Does the US stock market lose its direction and destination?

Three powerful institutions for controlling and overseeing the finances of any country are the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank and the Stock Exchange. The impact of the SEHK on the national economy, on the contrary, the impact of the economy on the Stock Exchange is far-reaching. In many cases, the development and trends of the stock exchange have brought inconvenience to the Treasury and the central bank, and they have made corrective actions by their ability and judgment. Sometimes these measures work; in many cases, they will have a negative effect.

The US stock market is one of the world's most powerful financial institutions. The history of the stock market can be traced back to two centuries, the annual value of billions of dollars of stock transactions.

War always leads to disaster and suffering, but this is a good product of the American war – the SEHK. In order to finance the war, the government floating bonds. These bonds are for sale to private citizens who have bought them from the investment point of view. In 1792, 24 businessmen joined the meeting at the now famous Wall Street. They have a variety of stocks and securities, this meeting is the beginning of investment stock trading. They decided to meet each day for the purpose. The New York Stock Exchange gave birth to the outcome of the meeting.

The practice of the US government is the import of trade and industry tools, the same practice has continued to this day. In order to finance their new projects, private companies began to circulate and sell stocks. A large number of investors take advantage of the opportunity to improve their wealth. By 1921, New York stock trading took place on the street, but then the trader moved the room. Now in the world can see the housing of the modern stock exchange of the giant building.

Very interesting things happen on the stock exchange, the stock market crash and prosperity, the stock market index rose and fell, but in the year of 1929 what happened in American history no resemblance. Trading volume of 1640 million shares, investors lost $ 100 million worth of assets. This loss in the history of the United States triggered the "Great Depression". This is the infinite pain of the American people.