Dos and Don Shopping Baby clothes

Little baby is the most amazing and cute animal in the whole world. Infants are 5 times more sensitive to skin than adults, so they also need special care for everyone who we use for clothing or baby products.

From my experience, I tell you that buying clothes for these cute little babies is a very exciting task. (19459003) Give the fabric priority: –

There are a variety of fabrics available for sensitive baby skin on the market. Always remember that the baby's skin is even more sensitive than you even think of, that's why parents have to look for soft, smooth and skin-friendly fabrics. You can put the cloth inside and feel your hands soft. Infants are prone to rash, so try to avoid rough and worn things that they can hurt the baby's soft skin. So cotton is the best choice. Cotton is shrunk by 10% after the first wash; buy one or two dimensions than your actual baby size

2. Comfortable clothes to give you happy baby: – ​​

always for your baby to buy a comfortable cloth. Avoid stabbed spots on your clothes. Looking for a coat without a collar or a soft collar. Collar and patch make cloth cute but uncomfortable baby can give baby's neck rash. You will regret for 5 minutes after you put it on your pretty child's body. Make sure you buy the fabric with enough space to pass through the baby's head; putting the tight neck cloth through the neonatal head can hurt him in many ways.

3. Buy clothes according to the weather: –

Always buy clothes for your baby, depending on the weather conditions. For the winter, consider a suit, and even keep the baby feet warm. Avoid sticks near the waist of the baby and make him comfortable. Do not buy jeans or pants, though they look fashionable and they are uncomfortable. For summer look forward to open neck cotton tops with soft shorts. Buy these can protect their hot cloth.


Do not buy real size babies always go 1 or 2 size beyond their actual size, the reason behind is that babies grow rapidly and some fabrics shrink 10% Some shops sell clothes at a cheaper price when you buy their sleeves, which does not mean you buy summer only all the clothes. If your baby is 8 months old, buy 14-18 months of baby clothes also. Do not

1. Avoiding the risk of suffocation: –

Always avoid clothes with extra buttons and zippers, your precious baby can accidentally swallow them, always looking for any loose buttons and broken zipper baby Cloth if there is any repair or replacement cloth. In the summer to buy open neck T-shirt baby and winter to buy a suit without buttons on the sleeves

2. Do not buy expensive fashion clothes: –

Do not buy expensive clothes for your baby for two reasons. The first is that babies grow faster, so soon, those expensive clothes will be worthless. Summer clothes are useless in the winter, and vice versa. The second most important reason is that fashionable clothes are uncomfortable babies, they get patches, zippers extra buttons and many others can stimulate baby skin even give him red patches

3. Do not buy tight elasticity: –

Try to avoid tight elastic pants, jeans and T-shirt sleeves. The tight elastic cloth can make the baby very uncomfortable, it can even scratch the body part of the elastic friction. Always looking for shorts or pants with mild elasticity or inelasticity.

Some Tips Parents must consider: –

      • Buy a mild color for newborn babies.
      • Choose a fabric that does not cause any problems in the baby's breath
      • trying to find the reason, if the baby keeps crying, the clothes may bother him
      • Do not buy tight clothes, always looking bigger than the actual size
      • Choose easy to wear clothes
      • Baby gloves and socks must be particularly soft. Provide extra care for the baby's neck, hands, feet and waist
      • If you are tempted by fashion, please leave your baby's comfort