DVD Wholesale Dealer

Wholesale DVD distributors are licensed to make DVD production rights for film production companies and supply DVDs to retail stores, online merchants, DVD rental companies and mail order shops. DVDs are usually made or imported by the wholesaler itself.

DVDs are sold as bundles and contain different titles. Action, comedy, drama, family, horror, children, martial arts and the West are some popular DVD genre. They are sold as pre-installed or customized according to the order. Usually DVDs contain additional content that can not be used by the theater audience. These include interviews with stars, animated cartoons, and scenes removed from movies.

Wholesale DVD distributor's main income is through the sale of video products to retail stores and video leasing. The United States through the Internet to send a substantial increase in mail order rent. Netflix is ​​one of the largest online leasing companies with more than 2 million customers. The company expects to account for about 5% of the US market in 2006. It sells about three million DVDs a week

DVD retailers enjoy a good profit, more and more people are buying DVD wholesalers wholesale and sell on auction sites such as EBAY and online stores The

Through the Internet's DVD mail order, digital distribution, including through the dealer's own broadband infrastructure to provide movie download service, the current trend of the game is the store, video on demand service and pay-per-view service. The VOD system allows users to watch video over the network as part of an interactive TV system. Video can be seen at any time, while pay-per-view systems allow TV viewers to buy live TV live at home.