Employee Development Options

Employee development is defined as Improve the knowledge and skills of employees within the organization by providing training to employees .

Investments in employee development organizations have found it to improve efficiency, increase productivity, ensure institutional knowledge continues, reduce turnover, reduce costs, increase employee morale, and improve employee satisfaction.

Staff development can take many forms, as shown in the following table:

Development of staff carried out within the organization



Working Shadow

Working with another employee who may have a different job may have something to teach, or Can help the person who influenced him or her learn to work with the new aspects of the organization, certain behaviors or abilities

Position rotation

employees in the planned way in two or more jobs Move between.

Commission appointments

Cross-sectoral committees are committed to a specific job to improve job satisfaction and cross training.



A series of leadership programs.

Brown Pack / Lunch & Study Course

Training at lunchtime. Employees take their own lunch to attend the meeting

Book Discussion Group

A group of people meet regularly to discuss all members who have read the book


One-on-one training at the job site where people who know how to do the job show another how to perform

Vocational Training

Usually assigning additional duties to high-level employees

Cross Training

Professors are required to perform other job functions for employees who are employed to perform a job function

Extended Work

Or tasks beyond their current level of knowledge or skill, put them in uncomfortable situations to learn and grow.


Coach Coaches

Two or more employees work together to reflect on current practices; expand, improve and build new skills; share ideas; teach each other; conduct research; Workplace Problems

Staff Meetings

Staff to learn from each other.

Development of staff outside the Organization

Long-term leave, usually one year, is taken by employees to carry out projects that are not related to the work of the employees.

Action Learning

Group colleagues meet after a while to solve practical problems or problems to complete the matter;

Professional Association

Knowledge and skills, as well as opportunities for other organizations to deal with similar issues

Academic Courses

Degree or non-degree programs. Some organizations bring teachers to workplaces and provide salaries for employees.

Volunteer Service

Employers provide time, expertise and corporate resources for corporate employees to serve local organizations

Some employees provide time for volunteers on weekdays. [1945900]


Employees take the initiative to diagnose their learning needs, develop learning goals, and identify human and material resources

TED Presentation

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Conference or one of the many satellite events around the world. [1945900]

Online Education Program

What kind of employee development options does your organization offer? Is there anything else that I should include?