Escape from reality and find love

A few months earlier this year brought great challenges and blessings to many people. They certainly brought me a lot of unique challenges and blessings.

We live in a series of high and low ends. We need good times, but as they come to teach and build the challenge of faith.

People talk about flinging reality when times become difficult, but what about it? Why not "escape reality"?

So where can we find this elusive place called reality, how can we be sure we have escaped, not from? There are some clues here.

Reality found many very common things. We hear the gentle voice of a grandparent and feel the warmth of a child's hug. In the face of adversity, we have also experienced sympathy and are pleasantly surprised by the future. But it is easy to confuse self-limiting beliefs with reality

A few years ago, I had a great goal to help local cancer victims and their families raise money. Someone said to me, "true! You can not do that." I laughed and said, "You are right, it seems hard, but I must be hard to do, but I must be true, so if You can help lead, we can do more.We have made a goal beyond us because we

Escape from reality can also reveal more of the happiness hidden in the shadows of life. In other words, we can look at the situation from the perspective of love rather than fear.

We can create a vision of hope based on new behavior, not on the basis of past mistakes. We can go beyond the appearance, in all aspects of our lives to find more love and rich. A vision of a goal must be a reality in the mind and mind, just as you reach out by hand to touch it.

Start to thank you for everything now. Just for a moment, imagine you are a child looking for all the novelty. An anonymous author writes: "Happiness lies in those who are crying, who are injured, who have searched, who have ever tried, because only they can understand the importance of those who touch their lives."

God bless us with our precious reality: his eternal love for us. Love is a real reality, and when your feelings and motives are based on love rather than fear, you will know that your escape is successful. And the people who need to be encouraged today to share the reality of God's love.

Watching and listening to many miracles in your life will reveal what is actually possible. Do you need some time? Today's escape from the reality creator's love will guide you every step taken.