Even if they die, can I speak to my parents?

Because of the rampant Tori Spelling of Farrah Fawcett who died on the Internet, I began to wonder if the deceased could really speak. I personally doubt whether Farrah Fawcett will speak to Tori Spelling, not love her life, Ryan Oal or their son, but do I doubt Tori's incredible story? After all, she does have a live performance.

Over the years, people want to know whether the deceased can speak. I have to admit, wondering if my parents had tried to talk to me from the grave. I will definitely give my mother and my father a last conversation.

Psychologists such as Sylvia Brown and John Edward have persuaded people to say that the dead can speak. A well-known television actor Sylvia Brown (Sylvia Browne) wrote several best-selling books, visited the country. John Edward and his television program "Edward Edward (Edward Edward)" meet, become an instant celebrity. Are they deceiving?

The truth is what you believe. Many religions speak of life after death and reincarnation. Christ's words, I always with you are often interpreted as those who really love them will never be abandoned.

If the deceased really speaks, how do they speak? Is through other people, such as the movie "Ghost" Patrick Swayze using Whoopi Goldberg as a vessel? Or perhaps the deceased in the "middle" or "philosophers" people say that the condemned people talk to them in a way that varies from person to person. Some people said they died in a dream. Others are said to have received the present wind, or the most desired blessing.

Today, ghost hunters use digital technology to detect the existence of life. Some of these researchers even claimed to record the voice of the deceased. Is it really illusory? There is no correct or wrong answer. Considering that millions of people in the world have admitted to communicating with their loved ones, sometimes this person can really speak. If you are a non-believer, there is no scientific explanation to allow a person to speak from the grave, then the concept of life is unrealistic to you.

Can the victims speak to you? Only you make your own decisions. For me, I will love to talk to my parents.