Everything You Need to Know Banarasi Saree

Banarasi saree is a sari made in Varanasi (also known as Banaras). Banarasi sarees are known to be India's best sarees, and they are popular for their gold, zari, silver brocade, filament and gorgeous embroidery. These garments are made of finely woven silk and decorated in complex designs. Different varieties

These sari varieties are many. The most popular are: pure silk (Katan), silk, sari and transparent yarn (Kora). There are other varieties, depending on the design process are different. These varieties include: Vaskat, Tanchoi, Jangla, Butidar, Cutwork and Tissue.

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Float : You should look at the back of the sari to see if there are floating lines in the warp and weft girders. Silk : The real Balari Salsa is made of pure silk. Silk : The real hand-saree is the only function; There are many tests that you can do to make sure the equipment is made from silk. One of the most effective and cheapest tests is burning saree threads. You should pull a thread from the hidden area and burn it. Once the entire thread burns, you should smell the ashes.

If saree is made of silk, the ashes are like charred hair. You should note that there are some costumes made of cheap Chinese silk; therefore, you should be careful.

Brocade Design : The real Balarui Salsa has six to eight inches of ordinary silk tapestry.

Banarasi sarees are often part of the Indian bride's clothes. When buying a bride banarasi saree you should go with a traditional look. You should note that the price of traditional equipment depends on the design of the base and the frame

Dress up the color tone greatly determines the overall appearance. For an ideal appearance, you should ensure that the tone of your clothes matches your skin tone