Facebook 2017 trend trend

2017, it is expected that Facebook will propose more ways to allow brands to reach the user they intend to locate. Monetized robots will be at the forefront of this revolution. Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) recently said in an article that a product has billions of users have not done a meaningful business. In the same article, he also said that Facebook will not try to monetize its robots until the social networking site has billions of users. Facebook Messenger recently touched. Zuckerberg said the messenger will follow the profit process similar to Facebook itself.

Facebook has never used advertising and crossed on the website. Instead, it requires the brand to build pages with content, thus driving the nature of the organic interaction. After embedding ideas, Facebook will reduce organic growth and change the brand, so that it can appear in the user's news source. It is expected that robots will be welcome and become an important part of Facebook AdWords. In the initial stage, Facebook wanted to make sure that many brands and users could use these robots.

Only after this can be realized monetization. Facebook also announced that it will allow brands to buy Newsfeed ads so that they can target certain groups of robots to ads that are more likely to do business with them. All this will be one of the main drivers of Facebook's popularity among brands in their brands and users and to ensure their wider adoption. [1945903] [1945903] [194590] [194590] The site also said Facebook will put ads into the live. In fact, this has already begun in Ads are placed in the popular video that is expected in the user. These advertisements will also be interrupted by the show Ads and Facebook's live coverage. However, Facebook's priority is video. According to the latest income, there are 500 million people usually watch the value of 100 million hours a day video. Facebook has been pushing to play the latest video, it seems that this is only a matter of time before they start to profit from this business.

[1945909] [1945903] [1945903] [1945903] [1945903] [1945903] [1945903] [1945903] Start using the updated call-to-action page for local business pages. The basic idea here is to ensure that customers in the relevant agencies on their own Facebook page have a better experience. This means that from now on, you can order food from your local takeaway store by visiting its Facebook page. Facebook believes that this will increase the quality of the user experience, consider how local companies know that there are bad mobile phone pages.