Fair Trade Textiles – 5 Good reasons to buy

We have been celebrating fair trade for two weeks, especially fair trade textiles. But every day, every day, we should buy such products? Now, most supermarkets stock fair trade tea and bananas and many other fair trade lines there is no excuse not to buy these products. But most supermarkets also have cheap clothes. I suspect that anyone at the bottom of the chain is producing these products. These cheap cotton products take advantage of the world's poorest people and reduce their production environment. Thus ensuring a cycle of poverty. But you, the consumer, have the power to change that.

Purchase of fair trade textiles protects impoverished producers from market shocks because fair trade brings producers and traders together so that they can work outside the commodity market. The long-term viability of these trade agreements depends on the consumers we buy their goods.

Breaking the cycle of poverty:

A portion of profits are used to subsidize important services throughout the community, for example as educational, medical or environmental projects. If the cycle of poverty is to be eradicated, it is important to increase the chances of life for each generation.

Purchase of quality:

Fair trade Textiles production is ongoing. These are not cheap, throw away the supermarket clothes. These are high-quality textiles, from start to finish should pay attention to detail. Fair Trade Textiles Equal environmental protection and sustainable textiles

Protection of the environment:

Business is no worse than trade in cotton. Cotton production wastes a lot of natural resources, spraying a large number of harmful chemical substances, and degradation of soil and the local environment. Fair Trade's commitment to sustainable development means that their textiles are usually organic or growing to the smallest environmental impact standards

Doing the right thing:

If you have to face to face with the poor , Which many children, who produce the world's textiles, you will no doubt feel ashamed of being inexpensive and inadvertently buying shirts right in your back. We have to buy fair trade textiles, because we know this is the right thing to do.

I hope that as the second week of Fair Trade I can persuade you to think more carefully about what your clothes and other textile products come from, and what their production means for the rest of our planet. In a better world, there is no need for fair trade, and all trade is fair. Until then, your consumer can play with you