Fall and Romance

I think that if we are honest with ourselves, We will find that when we as a mother, longing for romance and passion, we have no energy to happen. At the end of our day, what we really want to do is sleep and sleep in the dead (ok, it's not dead, but you know what i mean!) We wonder if passion will always return to us Spend the rest of your life in dullsville.

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There is hope! Romance is not necessarily very difficult, passion can still get along with the young children very comfortable. Here are some ideas:

Investment "Twelve Pro" : Every day when you and your husband say goodbye, it takes time to kiss for at least 10 seconds. Enjoy the buzz and save the day. [1945906] Slow down : Make sure that at least one day a week, life is not crazy and busy. Sit together and work with your event calendar until you have some room to enter your schedule. Romance is not, if you run out. [1945906]

Schedule Date : Work with another couple in the same situation, exchange babies every other week to go out with her husband. Only need a long walk, or to drive, or sit in a coffee shop to talk. [1945906] [1945902] Dream : dream of your husband, your good memories together, you laugh together, you share the passion and romantic time. Magazine every good experience together, often review your diary. [1945906] [1945909]

[194590] Study Romance : There are many books on romance your husband's books, only reading, "let you feel"! [1945906] [194590002] Think "Benefits" : Health (especially monogamy) Sexual life improves the immune system, releases endorphins, makes you happy, slows the aging process, reduces cholesterol, increases circulation , To reduce the pressure, is a very good form of exercise!

So, love!

Darlene Hull