Final Fortune Package Fraud

Slick site more than 25 pages of recommendations, claiming you can earn more than $ 50,000 in less than a month's work. The ultimate fortune package really makes my liar sealed. But it's less than $ 50 and I'm always looking for something new so I thought of what I would give it a shot.

First there is a little background. I have been growing my Internet business since 2001 and have been working full time since I quit my daily job on April 30, 2004. I've started using AdWords to set up affiliate promotions (one of the main topics of the ultimate wealth package) and learned all the hard way I knew – which means I spent a lot of money (I estimate a total of about $ 4,500) because I Test and re-test until I hit a formula that is useful to me. So I am very interested to see what they are going to say

I ordered the ultimate fortune package and set up a "start from your computer to start working at home", "you can

Because i am in this business, I think they will not be aware of the ultimate wealth package that I know is fair.I want to review this from the perspective of an emerging internet marketer, so I solicited my wife's help (who Know that I do "internet stuff"). She almost does not know how to surf the Internet, so I think the better people put their demands in the test.

I must admit to the use of the ultimate wealth package One step is very different from what I expected. I thought there would be a long e-book reading (my wife hated reading) or a lot of research, but Mark Warren ("the ultimate fortune" founder) Focus on meeting his "one-hour money" commitment

Once we download the package, I give it to my wife when she starts to look at. Since we did not need to read anything after we cheered, we set up the system, and the Ultimate Wealth Package server was creating a personal website for most of the sales that she was selling. At that time, she followed the instructions and set up an account from

Then we follow the promotional tips provided by her website, at which I have to admit that I am helpful. We are in the process of collecting the money and selling it with the UWP website.

Using AdWords data, I'd like to see if they really know what they're saying. I thought I knew all the important information about AdWords, but some UWP tips were new to me. I admit that I am a little impressed at this point

What happened after an hour? Unfortunately, it took us about three hours to let all the way we run we wanted, so the "one hour money" requirement for us It was not right.However, as I said, my wife had little internet experience, so it might be better

This time is probably a morning so we call it a day.However, tomorrow morning my wife wakes up and I jump up because their site is over $ She had to go to work, so let me go back to sleep, but she had to call many times on that day and wanted me to check her account balance. I created a monster!

It was three weeks before she was on the Internet almost like me. She was not close to earning $ 50,000 a month, but it was fair to say that this figure came from Mark Warren's own business, after several years of internet, So judging my wife may be unfair to his success. Nevertheless, she only implemented very little wealth package tips, and in the daily work and almost the same network.

Is the ultimate fortune package a scam? ]

No, but not all the wines and roses. I cover up some of the details, but I help my wife than I admit that more technical things. You will need sufficient technical skills to set up your account through online services, manage your marketing campaigns, and make some minor changes to your pages. It's all in the book, but I can imagine that if I did not go to help her, then this three hour setting time would be longer.

You also need $ 75 to invest in the program and put it in an hour or so to keep growing, so it does not set it, forget it "make money no work" nonsense. But to be honest, if you do not want to invest an hour a day to earn $ 50,000 potential, then you really do not have much of the future of online business