Fingers pick up courses – why do not you start now?

If you've been learning to play guitar for some time, you might feel like your wings. Maybe a little bit of a touch that is a jump from the direct jump, but the reward is listening to your own playing music that you used to think is difficult and in your audience's response to your newly discovered artist

If you can not learn from local guitar teachers, you can try copying some of the folk artist CDs from the 1860s. Peter, Paul and Mary and Kingston Trio things. You will need to start simply, just use the chords they are using, and then try some arpeggios to see if you can understand the selection pattern that the guitarist is using. Not because you are too much to hear on these records, so the fingerprints are much simpler than the first time

as part of the fun of a finger guitarist Your solo skills And the speed of your fingers is your pride. You may need to find some specially designed exercises on the Internet to improve the picking speed. Practice exercises to speed up the routine will help you develop some tips to organize your own solo.

When you practice your fingertips, try to use the big muscles in the forearm. Try to keep your wrist as easy as possible. The left hand holds the finger on the fingerboard and assigns a finger to a specific finger in an arched shape. In the first position, the first finger will play the note on the first finger, the second finger, the second finger, and so on. Try and keep this discipline because most novices make their fingers in the whole place when they learn new music.

The right hand uses the thumb, the first (index), the second and third (ring) fingers on the p, i, m and a, respectively, on the finger. The thumb (p) plays the bass notes on the fifth and sixth strings, and the other three fingers play melodies and notes on the first, second, and third strings. The fourth string can be doubled as a bass or melody string, so you can solve your own how to use it, and you use the finger according to the key you are playing.