Fisheye – Fisheye Camera with Film and LOMO Lens

Fisheye - Fisheye Camera with Film and LOMO Lens


TOP PAID APP OVER 52+ COUNTRIES! Featured on ZDNET, CNN, CNET, Flickr Group and More... "New toy for my iPhone 5! Love it!" - Jonny, ZDNet User "Best Fisheye camera, like a real one." - Elda J. Silva, Editor Same as the world famous LOMO arsenal, your iPhone will not only have a simulated 170-degree wide-angle view and stunning fisheye barrel distortion, but also a live fisheye viewfinder, and the simulated process of changing film, lens and flash that brings you the look, the feel, and fun of analogue camera. Further more, it contains a set of lens, film and Ring flash which adds awesome and unique beauty to your photo. SEE THE WORLD THROUGH DIFFERENT EYE!!! ◉ KEY FEATURES • Live view in 170-degree wide-angle fisheye lens (Software Simulation) • Various kinds of film to add fantastic effects: Kodachrome, SEPIA, Sakura, 1920 and so on... • Load 5 different color ringflashes • Switch to "MX" mode to take multiple exposures photo • Real® UI Engine based touch user experience • Full Screen Shooting Mode • Auto save your work to camera roll in high resolution when developing at Library (Max to 2048x1366 pixels) ◉ TIPS FOR SHOOTING • More close-up potential • Turn on flashlight with various ringflash for special color effects • Swap lens, ringflash, and film for different combinations of effects • Instantly share your best prints to Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr ◉ EQUIPMENTS - FILMS • Kodachrome • LOTOCOLOR 1920 • LOTO400 • SAKURA (Pro Version) • SEPIA 200 (Pro Version) • X-PRO 200 (Pro Version) • Tri-X 400 (Pro Version) • RED SCALE (Pro Version) • FUJICHROME Velvia (Pro Version) ◉ EQUIPMENTS - LENS Two Circular Fisheye Lens included. Fisheye Len 1 and 2 have a sweeping software simulated 170-degree view which compacts everything around your subject into a circular image with bright colors and knockout contrast. One Full-frame Fisheye Lens included. Fisheye-Nikkor 10.5mm was the most popular digital Fisheye Lens for DSLR or SLR. it is a DX-frame-filling fisheye lens, which means it fills the entire rectangular image with a curvy, distorted image and sees 180 degrees from corner to corner diagonally. (Pro Version) ◉ EQUIPMENTS - RINGFLASH Shot with one of the amazing ringflashes, your subject is radiant with distinct color and the whole image has fantastic and unique effects. 5 different color ringflashes (red, yellow, blue, green and multiple-color) now are available……

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