Five Cost Wrong To Avoid When Purchasing Formula 1 Ticket

"Angry F1 fans are highly dry as bills company fails" and "Hot Spots Tickets Give F1 One-Fifth".

During the Formula One races, some ticket sales scams are usually ejected as online ticket sellers. The most common way for F1 fans to cheat through these ticket stores is through pre-paid tickets that never arrive. This is after paying a large number of tickets, including payment of service charges and additional shipping costs.

False first-class ticket sales of fraud can take many forms. Many of these scams look like legitimate companies that offer Formula One tickets, but after fans have purchased them, they never receive their tickets and later learn that the company is a scam. This is exactly what happened in June 2012 when many F1 fans found themselves without tickets when they purchased the tickets, called "Simple Tickets" for the British GP at Silverstone. Many F1 fans intend to go to Valencia for the European Football Club cheated because the tickets did not arrive despite paying them. For example, living in the big Norfolk, Norfolk, Haley Pearson, rest for a few days, plans to go to the European Grand Prix. She decided to buy her tickets from "simple tickets". She booked tickets on the site and then never received them. Another example is Ben Miller, who will take his girlfriend to Valencia for F1 races but has not received his vote from the company. Ben tried to contact Simply The Ticket, but could not be reached. It was reported that the site had been deleted and the company had gone bankrupt.

In another similar incident in August 2012, Dutch media reported that about 6,000 F1 fans in the Belgian Grand Prix – Francorchamps could not participate in the event because their tickets did not arrive despite paying them. If that were not enough, several F1 fans were deceived by online ticketing providers at GP events in India. These fake F1 ticket providers work very simply. They claim to be an authorized ticketing partner and send a text message "You win free Forumla-1 votes in the Indian Grand Prix Mobile Wallpaper promotion." This has even led to the organizers of the Indian Football Federation issued a warning to the F1 fans, to realize the lower prices of F1 tickets scam. If a fan knows all the official ticketing partners or can check the details of the conductor, these scams can be easily avoided. Unfortunately, not many F1 fans have the ability to conduct a background check at the ticketing shop, so there may be no tickets or fake tickets outside the door on the day of the match. Not a good situation.

If this could happen to more than 6,000 people, this could happen to you. Regardless of the story, the counterfeit F1 ticket sales shop seems to involve a website that requires you to pay for the money and then do not return to your ticket. The sad fact is that if the tickets do not arrive or are not legal, often little or no recourse to your money back. For a detailed description of the most common F1 ticket purchase errors and how to avoid their full report, please visit: