Five Insurance and Financial Advisors Closing Techniques

So you go through the prospecting game. You made your cold call, sent out your mass mortgages, invited people to attend your coffee sponsorship seminar, and your eligible respondent was serious prospect and set up an appointment

What Now? You have done all these work, are you sure you will get their business? In this article is a 5-off technique to help you consolidate transactions and make sales.

1. Quality Demonstrations – If you are going to spend time demonstrating, make sure you listen to the needs of potential customers and explain what they expect to leave your appointment. There is nothing more than explaining variable life insurance and all the different cash options and disability exemptions … found that they only have a budget of $ 50 per month. So, listen, then customize your presentation to focus on their needs and address any invalid that they need to fill. Do not be too lengthy. The best demonstration has a few words, but it is very sharp.

2. Small-closes – Try to get regular "buy-ins" and confirm that you are addressing their needs throughout the demo. Ask them for advice, open-ended questions; be sure to attract potential customers. If you can make many small closures throughout the sales process, they will not be stunned or blocked when the application needs to be pulled out. When they ask questions, re-state their problems. There are two things that make potential customers aware that you are listening to their concerns, but it also reaffirms what they just said is their need. So, when you start discussing possible solutions, such as term insurance to cover mortgage loans, or a revolving income policy for disability to replace their income, then they can not quit, saying it is not

3 . Between 1 and 10 – This must be one of the greatest end lines ever. This is easy to do, it forces potential customers to sell themselves. When you complete your presentation, you just turn to your client and ask them, "Between 1 to 10 … 10" I am going to fill out the application and never worry about how my family will financially survive if something happens For me … or 1 is "I want you to leave my house now" …. where are you down? No matter what they tell you, you always answer: "Really, a" # "? Why so high?" Even if they tell you a "4" …. You answer, "Really, I think you will Is a 3, you have your arms crossed and seem to have no interest in what I said.Why are you so high? What makes you choose 4? "

Then let them answer, even if the numbers are small, They will point out the features they like and they will point out the best solution they will also tell you is that they do not like … then you can move forward from there if they are closed by price … they Give them other options if they are closed down by mutual funds on the A-share fee structure and then tell them about B or C shares

4. Recommendation / Recommendation – This is not a close technique because it is a phrase to consider when you hear people using this sentence, usually most of the gas stations will be at the end of their "12-point check" "I suggest you flush your steering fluid or use a fuel injector cleaner," and what would happen to them, they suggest you, which makes you think, "They are experts, maybe I should listen to them." And someone said, "You need to do that." Let us down. "I do not need to do anything! When you sit with a potential client and you have completed your presentation, they have agreed that they need to start a university savings plan or invest in a sound life insurance, the next sentence should be: "As your financial representative, I suggest we start ….. "or" I suggest we ….. ". It sets you up as the professional they will trust.

5. Take the sale away – This phrase sounds like you want to do the opposite, but not chase someone's sale and ask them to ask you. For example, "I do not even know if you meet this condition …. Why do not we fill out some medical questions to see if we should continue with coverage or if they are not satisfied with the initial deposit, open a university program or annuity, try Said: "You know what? perhaps you're right. The college program does not seem to be suitable to help you pay for your child's costs to go to any school they want …. Why not pass the bank check on the national savings plan … I believe the entry period starts from 6 months. It's reminiscent, "My mistake is what I want to fit and I want to belong. When you push something, it moves away from you …. When you pull the same item, it comes to you. Another action … If someone says that premium is what they want to spend, you can always say, "You know what, maybe you're right, but why do not we go and get you covered and see if you have Qualify to get this low premium because you can come back with a rating and then once approved, then we can determine which strategy will best suit you.

Take some time to change your mind, especially when you're just starting out, but give it some time and practice these steps.You will see that customers are increasingly attracting you as a professional