Five methods of hypothetical designer clothing

1. Compared with the genuine clothing, all clothing fake prices are low. Before buying the purchase, look at the normal price of designer clothing. For example, a fake Prada jacket sold on eBay less than £ 60! These are false, because the Prada jacket can not buy (even directly from Prada) at any close to this number. The low price should make you care.

2. When purchasing clothing from the website, please check the contact information and terms. Now all sites have a complete contact (address, phone, email, etc.) legal requirements. If there is no contact, just fill out a form, be careful, because if you are not satisfied with your goods, it may be difficult to track. I also recommend avoiding eBay because there are many foreign sellers listed on the website of the fake designer clothing.

3. Once the largest fake clothing is the product of the material. Compared with the real brand-name clothing, almost all of the fake use low-cost and low-quality materials cheap manufacturing. If possible, check out the details of the clothing if purchased online in the big picture of the product. Assuming that the designer's sewing is usually poor quality, the details such as the brand name on the label will be lost. Look at the details carefully.

4. Most fakes are imported from cheap mass-producing countries such as China, Thailand, and Japan (mainly Asia). Purchased directly from the UK. Even in the UK there are counterfeit designer clothing sellers, you are unlikely to be the victim of becoming an illicit fake brand name clothing by buying from the UK

5. Know your rights and interests. In the UK, if you are unwittingly buying fake designer clothing, you can return the goods within 7 days without penalty (full refund) through the "Long Distance Seller Act". In addition, if you use a credit card, you can ask your card issuer to cash back because the product is not accurately described.

If you follow the five tips above, you should be able to avoid fake fake Lacoste Polo shirt. The easiest way is to buy men's clothing, the price is the lowest in the UK, all products are 100% authentic.