Five ways to save money You never thought

I like to save money. I mean, I really want to save money. Saving money is why I got up in the morning, I boasted at the cocktail party, my wife "love" about me. It was in my blood

Saving is an art form. You have to promise your art and work if you want to be better. The world's best athletes work twice as much as their nearest opponents, so they can be the best. That's how I treat savings.

For example, I refuse to pay the parking fee. Why should I pay for a space if i apply for myself, can i find a free space? Because i believe that paying the parking fee is just a donation of unfair reasons, I will search for a few hours to find a place. One day my wife and I went to the theater, and I let her walk five blocks in the rain, because it was the least money I found. She put this very well but complains when she arrives when her feet are injured … she was pregnant for 7 months, so maybe her complaint is legal

Now that you know my background, I want Pass you five ways, i actually used to save money. You can tell your friends that these are true!

1. Save money

When we buy milk, we buy one gallon of whole milk. I put the contents of the milk into an empty pitcher. Next, add water gallon gallon container 1/2. I took the second empty gallon container of milk and filled it with 1/2. I poured the whole whole milk into two containers. Now I have two gallons of "low fat" (1/2 water and 1/2 whole milk) the price of one gallon of whole milk of milk

When I cook soup for my family, I like to use canned soup from a local grocery store. However, instead of adding directional 1 cans of water, instead of adding 2 cans of water to the mixture. This extra water tank makes at least one extra bowl without sacraficing the taste. I freeze another bowl of soup for another day. Its taste is as good as the second time.

3. Save money in car wash

When you go to fill your car with gas, the station usually gives you a tool to clean your windows. I use this tool to wash my whole car. why not? The sponge part works great to get the dirt, the other side works great to wipe it. Some scared chemicals can damage your paint work, but I do not have any problems. But you get some funny look from other customers. But if you can live the appearance, you can put some dough in your pocket!

4. Save money at Cheeseburger

The price of the double cheeseburger at McDonald's is 99 cents. The price of a cheeseburger is 79 cents. My two children can only eat one. Order a double cheeseburger and then ask the cashier if you can buy an extra bread. Usually they will give you a free, but sometimes they charge you 10 cents. Now, take a double cheeseburger, made of two single cheese burgers. This is the two singles of 99 cents

5. Costco's Lunch

Most people think I mean Costco Food Square. Costco Gourmet Square does offer some great deals. For example, you can buy a hot dog and coke for $ 1.50. But the best way is to simply walk in the store and eat free samples. I took my kids at Costco "for lunch" on many occasions. Recently, my family and I visited Costco on my birthday. Costco has a lot to choose meat, cheese, dairy, juice and desert. All the samples that I can handle and all the free. I can not imagine a better birthday gift