Forex Trading – Why You Will Lose Your Money

FOREX Day Trading is theoretically sound good, but in fact almost no success because the odds are just against you.

Let's take a look at the day trading to see why this is not a good way to trade, there are some better ways to earn profits in the foreign exchange market

Time Span


It is almost impossible to predict the way the market will go in the day The money market reflects economic fundamentals and is long-term.

Trying to predict what can happen in a short time is not possible

Win you need to do the following things that you can not on Forex

One of the basic rules for trading Forex trading is to run profits and reduce losses – you can not do this in your day trading, your profits are too small to make up for your unavoidable losses The

Even worse

Transaction costs are more and are reflected in the FOREX day trading, deducting losses from your profits and increasing losses when you often trade these together.

Why People Daily Trade Forex

Sounds good in theory, traders think they limit risk, but are actually creating it and making sure their profits never cover their unavoidable Loss.

Brokers like day trading because they do a lot of commission. Course writers like it because it is a good story (usually they get some points as a referral committee) if you buy a course to do daytime trading requires a real-time record to see if you get one.

Better Trading Method

You can short-term and short-term trading transactions can be successful, but although the best way to trade is a long-term system (remember that many monetary trends last for months) You will

1. To seize the big trend of profit.

2. Have the opportunity to win only a small part of the transaction, there are still long-term profits.

3. Get your benefits.

4. Limit the impact of transaction costs.

If you want to trade on a foreign exchange you can, but the odds are stacked on you, maybe you will be one of the lucky people to make money, but not the bank.