Four questions that you should not ask your pharmacist

Lucy, in comic peanuts, often sit in her mark after providing five cents of spiritual help. But there is a reason that the doctor does not work at the carnival booth. Pharmacists are the most receptive medical professionals in the country who ultimately meet the ridiculous problems of various customers.

[1945900] This happened a lot of things. Most people are not sure how the discolored wounds are infected, they may not be sure whether they just buy a bandage or full antibiotic cream. If possible, do not ask the pharmacist. They were all wounded on their faces in the body, and not everyone was able to pili and pustules of pustules. Surely, taking care of your wounds is good, some professionals may not mind if they politely ask.

"Do you think I am likely to be pregnant?"


Of course, this is an important question. The first mother's accidental pregnancy may be particularly confusing, but the pharmacist will not be able to give a specific answer when you are only a few days late. They can guide you to the pregnancy test pack, but it is not their job to educate your entire reproductive system. Various biological and environmental factors are likely to affect your monthly cycle, and there are more variables that you can communicate on several issues.

Addiction. Your doctor has prescribed the appropriate dose and time period, the pharmacy can not help if you have been exhausted. Even if you are going to vacation, this is not something to negotiate and adjust in this environment. The addict has been strolling through these shops, using every excuse in the book. Maybe they just need a sample, or they claim to have oral permission, two bottles at a time.


" Can you make an exception, just this time? " "

Regardless of whether the narcotics or just another refill is not yet authorized, do not ask your pharmacist to bend the rules. These medical professionals have studied and tried to reach their place where they will put their family And the cause of the risk for your convenience

Finally, this is mainly a considerate problem. Pharmacy may be confusing, because these workers can almost as well as cashier, but they are sure that people get the right Of the drugs play an important role.