Four Types of Modern Hippies

The popular hippie anti-culture from the 1960s is really popular, and so far this concept and culture still exist. However, over the years, anti-culture has also undergone great changes. Although the real hippies attempt to keep the real hippie from the old hippies into the modern hippies, but the modern or cause a variety of changes. Modern hippie now has four sides.

The first so-called "modern hippie" is the real blue hippie, the anti-culture of the 1960s real child. They are a true photo of a full hippie, and they live from the inside to the original hippie value. They are now called new hippies or new hippies. Similar to the past hippies, they are still politically informed and educated. They advocate the same cause in the spirit of peace, love and freedom. They keep up with the current political and environmental trends. They protested against the hippie values ​​in the same way as the hippies protested in the past. As the real blue hippie, they still live on the hippie's good and bad side. They protest and violent in promoting peace. On the other hand, they also like to engage in unusual activities, use strange clothes and accessories, and in the promotion of free rights to try drugs. They are really the core of the hippie.

The second type of modern hippie is a somewhat low-key version. Their hippies are more reflected in their environmental protection, trees embracing the claims, rather than through their political and social idealism. Most of them are vegetarians, often living in the breeze, only concerned about their love for the environment and clean and healthy things. They are lighter and brighter hippies. They are sometimes called the children of the granola cereals. According to the city dictionaries, "Glenola cereal" is "enjoying the tie, Granollana and peace".

On the other hand, the third of the modern hippie is exactly the opposite of the children of the granola cereal. They are angry hippies. They are more futuristic, and in a more exaggerated way to show off their own hippie value. They are called "technology hippie". They are more modern than the new hippie, more striker. They raised the hippie's role to a new level. They sport tattoos, body perforations and strange hairstyles, such as the famous braids. They also express their opinions, although they mostly consume a lot of drugs and alcohol rave parties. They will also push the Internet to the Internet, and with the latest game technology. They are in some way rebellious hippies

Finally, the fourth class of modern hippies is no longer a hippie, and there are many people claiming. They are no reason for the hippies. Cynics like to call "rippies" because they simply deprive the hippies of their way of life because of the lack of primitive intergenerational style and culture to live. There are many terms that are closely related to it. One of these terms is "yunkers", which refers to a modern hippie that smokes and takes drugs. Somehow, they gave up the idea of ​​taking drugs free of hippie culture as an excuse. Are dressed in fashionable designer versions of different hippie clothes such as tie dyed clothes, vests and sandals, and they are also often known as the loss of political activity of the hippies

These four types of modern hippies may be completely Different. But one thing is the same: clothing style. Any variety of hippies still wear sandals and tie dyes. Now, this is a fashion culture that is not just death.