Four ways to find your soul partner within 6 months or less (only women are ready to fall in love)

Who else is looking for my soul mate? Are you constantly discovering that you are satisfied with your relationship? There is always something that seems to be lost …. or wrong, or lost, is not there? If you are most of the women who like our article about building lasting relationships, those who feel good … The simple fact is that, unfortunately, most of us are poisonous and do not empower , 39; help us to live a life we ​​are really destined to lead.

Sounds like you? If not, please consider yourself lucky! The simple fact is that more than 50% of women in private surveys admit that if they do it again, they will definitely choose a very different life partner. Taking this into account, let's take a look at four very simple, very successful and very easy EMULATE strategies, those happy people have done to find their perfect partner …. and positioning their soul mate forever! Pay attention to learn more? Continue reading, because I share some of the best ideas below: ..-)

Archive: Write down!

Never overestimate pen, pencil or pixel power .. 🙂 Make a list …. and check twice! Write down all the things you really want in a man …. and a companion and keep it in a safe place where you can always check. If you think it's stupid ….. ok it! The key is not necessarily believe it just does it, you will later thank me ..–

Archive: Consumer Optimization

or Say ….. have time to delete or delete you Today stick to the negative relationship. Take the crutch out of the closet. Stop participating in dragging your relationship so that you come back and STEAL is the most important years of your life. (It's right!) If you need ….. gentle, or are positive, it's not important. Just make sure that any romantic relationships (and possibly even have the same effect as friends) if they hurt them and remove from their lives ….. not help!

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Draw the perfect companion. What is life with him? what do you think? Imagine your perfect day ….. Close your eyes, just remember that love is love! Use your soul's magical and mysterious power to "see" your love life, really make yourself addicted to how the feeling is mysterious! (19459003)

Archive: Get guidance

Finally, see someone can help you look at the next thing. Religious advisors, clergy or gifted spiritual or energy workers can "see" really really want and for your own mind. Each of us has a unique destiny and "the other half" who is part of the purpose you are here to achieve. From those who have the ability to use this energy to get guidance or intuition, or just to see your authentic spiritual self. For me this is what I realized that I really my "nefesh" (my spiritual soul mate) and my life forever changed the moment ..: – (if you follow the above four steps. … you will do this!)