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Many investors are investing in the stock market to earn profits and increase their current assets. However, it is easy to profit in the stock market? The answer is a big NO. What is the trader of the stock market return to the fire? Have you ever thought about it? There are many reasons to drag the stock market investors, to prevent him from making a profit. Here, we will discuss some of these reasons, but also a solution. The idea behind this writing is to make a common investor aware of his mistakes and prepare him to avoid these mistakes and invest in his stock market

There are two basic exchanges in India , Where the transactions are NSE and BSE. Many companies are registered on these exchanges. The daily NIFTY and SENSEX values ​​give the day-trading performance. If the values ​​of NIFTY and SENSEX become high, this means that the companies that make the NSE and BSE core also perform well. And vice versa, if NIFTY and SENSEX fall. Now out of the hundreds of stocks in the NSE and BSE trading a person has a choice he / she should choose to trade the stock. This can be done by doing some reading about the particular stock you want to trade. Gather information about the companies that are trading the stock. This will give you a good idea whether a company's value will go up or down, ie the stock will be bullish or bearish. If you know what will be the trend, then you can buy your trading deal

After analyzing whether a stock will be bearish or bullish, you should invest in it and also remember what will be the biggest And the minimum value of the day, you are buying and selling stocks can go. Also, while putting your money in the stock always keeps a stop, so if your investment proves false, you get only a small loss that can be easily recovered. When trading anything that may be worth the value of a stock you are trading, make sure you buy stocks of the same currency value every day. Do not increase or reduce the amount of your daily trading, I believe that today the stock will be prosperous or the stock will break out. Did not get my point? For example –

Suppose you have a rupee. 50,000, one-day trading and A-share company cost Rs. 100, so you bought a share of 500. The next day you come to the conclusion that Stock B will do well, but the share of company B costs Rs. 1000, so you should only buy 50 shares of B so that your transaction amount is still 50,000. What is the reason? This is what will give you profits. Since you are doing your own R & D for your own money and you want to earn from the heart, let's calculate that in the month, there are 20 trading days and you make the right decisions 65% of the time and 35% of the time, We assume that your profit margin and loss percentage remain the same, then you will receive a net profit at the end of the month. Now what? This is the mantra of profit.

Still want more profit? Now, when you really dive into becoming an experienced trader, and want to earn more and more stuff. While you profit from your investment through your R & D, you want to further increase your profits and minimize your losses. Because your R & D is not enough. You need the help of experts who accurately read and predict the market accuracy of more than 90%. They are the market bosses who can read, analyze and predict every action in the market. These bosses are known as analysts, a phenomenon known as technical analysis. You need their help to gain more and more profits

There are many companies in the country that provide assistance and advice to the Indian stock market. These recommendations are called stock tips, share tips or stock calls, share calls