George Soros

Today, 70% of the owners of the world's largest offshore investment fund, Soros and other six managing directors, shared 15% of the annual profits.

He spent most of his time in the British home to help the Hungarians and other Eastern Europeans rekindle their own capitalism. In order to fund this work, he founded the Open Society Foundation in 1979, and in 1984 he founded the Soros Foundation in Hungary. Known as the "another Ministry of Culture", which helped to establish a management training center in an old castle outside Budapest.

At present, the cultural and economic revitalization of 10 countries in Central and Eastern Europe is the foundation. Soros, 59, is the author of the "Financial Alchemy" published in 1987, he sums up his "reflexive theory" to some extent, believing that the idea changed the event and, in turn, changed the mind.

This is not his first attempt to write. Soros had done a lot of work earlier in an unfinished philosophical book. His new book "Open the Soviet system" expires this month.

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Wall 100

Author: Stephen Taub and David Carey and Alison M. Smith

1992 July 19

No. 1 George Soros

Soros Fund Management

At least $ 117 million

While George Soros, born in Hungarian, spent most of his time selling capitalism in Eastern European countries, he could still find a way for his $ 3.2 billion offshore quantum fund, about To 63%, more than most managed portfolios and market indices.

Who says bigger can not perform better? After claiming a 15% incentive fee and a 1% management fee for the fund, Soros's personal data is calculated as 9 digits. Do not be too old, taking into account the 61-year-old global runners away from home how much time. One of his recent pet projects was the establishment of the Central European University in Budapest and Prague. Over the past year or so, he still has time to launch three spin-off funds – Qiaza international partners, quantum emerging growth and quotas.


Wall Street 100

by Stephen Taub, Nanette Byrnes and David Carey

July 6, 1993


Soros Fund Management

At least $ 650 million

If you earn $ 650 million in a year you are not Milken? simple. First of all, from this year, about $ 800 million in self-owned funds and other $ 4 billion of other people, these management funds about $ 5 billion. And then hired crack managers and traders, who recovered huge returns, trafficked highly volatile currencies and derivatives. Finally, a large amount of management fees and incentive fees are charged. Results: Last year, 62-year-old Georg Soros Quantum Fund charges rose 68.1% Quantum Emerging, up 57%; Quasars International 55.7% Quota was 37.4%. Quantum and quasars charge 1% management fee and 15% appreciation, while the other two funds are charged 1% plus 20%.

In addition, Soros invests most of its assets in contract and index-related derivatives, but never invests long. He kept out of these tools, rarely a few days of the post. Thus, he achieved capital gains in a large number of nominal gains that occurred in the year. Do arithmetic, you will find that at least Soros from his personal hoarding extracted more than $ 400 million in profits.

Conservative estimates that his share of the aggressive costs of the company is about $ 200 million again. Finally, Soros himself gave himself all the company management fees, giving him about $ 50 million. Presto: $ 650 million, although his income may be much higher. Today, the three offshore offshore fleet assets of more than 7 billion US dollars, including the recent partnership with Paul Reichmann established a $ 525 million real estate fund, the company is a former bankrupt real estate developer Olympia & York's controlling shareholder.

This is not the wrong Soros and British land of $ 775 million in new partner investment properties.