Give your woman every time you have the secret of a sex leg robbery

Give your female orgasm the most important thing you should do in the bedroom. The sad fact is that most women do not regularly orgasm during sexual intercourse. In fact, there are so many women did not get orgasm through sexual intercourse. Only through masturbation, they will feel the climax.

You need to focus on ensuring that your woman is fully satisfied when she is engaged with her.

1) Deep infiltration of her during sexual intercourse

This may seem obvious, but surprisingly, so many people forget this do. Deep penetration leads to a woman more sexual pleasure. So when doing sexual intercourse, make sure you go deep into the vagina of a woman. Deep penetration penetrates the amount of stimulation to women

Deep penetration stimulates the nerves that are located deep in the vagina and the nerves around the mouth of the vagina. In addition, deep penetration can also stimulate your woman's G-Spot during sexual intercourse, but you must use certain gender positions to correctly stimulate G-Spot

2. ) Stimulate her clitoris with your tongue, lips and fingers!

The easiest way to give you a female orgasm is through oral sex and fingering. Licking and sucking your woman's vagina can give her amazing sexual pleasure. Give your woman an oral sex at the same time, your fingers into her vagina, give her double sexual pleasure.

As long as you notice her body movement when you give her oral sex and fingertips her so that you can know her favorite stroke and skill.

3) Stimulate your woman's G point! ]

Your woman's G-Spot is located above her vaginal opening, about 2 inches from the vagina opening. The easiest way to stimulate your woman's G-Spot is to use your finger. If you do not know the exact location, finding a woman's G-Spot can be tricky.

The G-Spot that stimulates your woman can give her a strong orgasm, which is one of the reasons why G-Spot is sometimes considered a "myth". In order to stimulate her G-Spot, when she was lying on the back, the lubrication of the fingers (nails and middle finger) into the woman's vagina. Your palms should be up. Move your fingers in a curly action, just as you are doing "come over" here to sign. When you do this, gently use your other fingers to gently stimulate her clitoris. A few minutes later, she will experience physical dither and trembling orgasm.

When you focus on these three tips, you are becoming a "sex god", but one thing you have to have a woman can see you as the owner of love. It's not just a big penis problem. Woman loves big penis man. 100% of women prefer a male with a large penis than a penny male sexual intercourse. This tells you a little blank, "PENIS SIZE MATTERS A LOT TO WOMEN". If you have a small penis, do not use the word "size does not matter" to control yourself, because it is important for women.