GOLD INVESTMENT, SAVINGS OR STOCKS? How should I protect my money?

As the current financial climate is so volatile, alternative solutions to protect your finances are gaining in popularity, especially in recent years as British banks have lost a lot of trust and respect. But what is the safest way we can protect our money? There are several options you can choose from, which is to expand your savings in some banks so that every penny is protected from stock and equity investment risks by opening up a pension plan or buying real investment products such as precious metals. This article is intended as an introduction to long-term protection of your money and offers an opportunity to profit from some options.

The safest form of investment must be gold bars. Twentieth-century studies have shown that gold investment is an increasingly popular form of wealth protection, because the value of gold remains fairly level, even if individual countries devalue their currencies. The record level of interest in gold investment has led the World Gold Council to expand its US team and demand continues to outpace supply. Once you start to understand the gold market, you can quickly earn existing investments before you invest, which means that you are constantly increasing your gold stocks.

However, before you jump in and put your wealth directly into gold coins, ask yourself these questions; Is the real asset just exposed to the real gold price? How do I store physical products? Finally, can I afford the extra costs of taxes, commissions, savings and insurance? If, after answering these questions, the bullion investment is still for you, there are several options you can consider. Gold bullion coins and mini bars are a simple way of investing, and their value is based on their gold content. On the other hand, the value of commemorative coins lies in their design, rarity and completion. The gold bonus for investment purposes is that the EU does not charge VAT in addition to the purchase price. So, with gold bullion investment, your wealth is protected, and you even have the opportunity to earn more money if you pay close attention to the market.

In the UK, our National Bank is regulated by the Financial Services Authority FSA and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) is implemented by the FSA. This plan is to protect some of our money in the unfortunate event of a bankruptcy, as we have seen in the United States and the United Kingdom. While the government is trying to prevent as much as possible from a total collapse, the financial sector is still in an unstable area with nationalization, mergers and bailouts, so it is important that we ensure that we invest all the money in the UK banks. FSCS protects £ 50,000 per person per institution. This means that if you have less than £ 50,000 in a bank, it is fully protected. However, if you have a total of £ 60,000 in the same bank's two accounts, £ 10,000 of that amount will be at risk. Therefore, to save as much of your money as possible, limit your savings at any one bank to GBP 49,500, as this will also protect any benefits you may have.

It is important to note that some banks are merged into one institution such as HBOS with Halifax and RBS under its system if you have more than 50,000 between the two banks £, you still only have to protect £ 50,000.