GOLD Selling Model

Creating a GOLD sales model makes the sales process simple and very simple. This is a process to ensure that salespeople know where they are in the sales conference and how to move forward. This process applies to cold calls that do not have previous relationships, or you have all calls for many years.

Gold sales method is:

Greetings – This is how do you want to start This is your introduction, the first impression, the statement of the meeting objectives. It needs clear, concise statement, set the tone. For the first time, you have 15-20 seconds to get your name, company, and point to. Well, the phone moves forward. If you do well, the price cuts stop here.


[194590002] Overcoming Obstacles – These obstacles may lack of interest, Customers have something to hinder, you need to overcome this obstacle before you can move forward the process. In order to go through this stage, you must present value to the customer. Sound is hard, ok. In most cases, you will not have more than 80% of the time to happen more than 5 goals. Write down each of the two responses, say their load, and connect to the best for your sales style.

By asking questions Questions will link demand to your solution – which involves asking the right questions to allow customers to admit that they have business needs, pain or business gaps that have the best solution They need the solution. This stage requires active listening and participation. You need to know how to ask questions, let customers talk about their business, and guide the conversation to play your solution.