Golf – Brief History

Golf has been enjoyed by people around the world for centuries and is still very popular today. Many people find themselves being attracted to the game because of their level of competition between a heated and intense level. Some found to relax because of the rest between each shot. Others like the pure strategy of how to look at this piece of land.

The game offers the opportunity for the sport to enjoy an outdoor activity as the player progresses from one hole to another. There are many beautiful golf courses offering a variety of original views, the audience can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the stadium close observation of the players.

Golf's game originated in the 12th century in Scotland. For the exact origin of the game, this is a bit fuzzy, but the game itself has gone through years of change. It is generally believed that the initial form of the golf ball is played with a medium length, but very strong sticks and lambskin balls. It is believed that the ball is hit by these rods so that the ball enters the small container placed on the flat ground.

Playing this early form of the race turns round, everyone turns once, and the player of the batting player is most pronounced for this game Winner. At some point in the seventeenth century, small containers evolved into the ground caves that we were familiar with today's golf courses.

Throughout the nineteenth century, there were several very important innovations for the tools used in golf games. For example, rubber balls were introduced in 1898 by a man named Coburn Haskell. This new rubber ball is characterized by a strong rubber core, it is a long and thin rubber rope tightly wrapped. This new ball allows many golfer to have 15 to 20 yards more than each stroke. Most of the previous golf balls were made of heated sap and then molded into a ball shape.

No. 19 No. 16 PGA (professional golf association) was established. The new association will be raised to oversee all major golf trips in the United States of America. On the nineteenth, the LPGA (Women's Professional Golf Association) was founded and is now considered one of the world's most famous golf golfer golf trips.

Since the game has existed for many centuries, golf matches have a rich and very old history and become blurred. Over the years, there have been many professional players get excellent playing ability. It's just a short golf history, a sport that has been so popular for so long.