Good stock to buy – do you have a penny?

In my field of work, you will get a lot of questions like this: "Which is good stock to buy? Sometimes, according to people, I answer another question:" Do you cook a penny? " People are always staring at me looking at their faces and saying, "Is this guy a joke or" is this guy really? " No, no, I'm not a joke, yes, my real.

I have to tell ya how it started; pence shares. They are one of the best stocks because they represent the small cost you have a lot of chances that you have to make money for the deal. Normal stock, you will have to invest more than a thousand times to start earning some real profits. I am not saying that you should not invest in them, all means to do so. The thing is if you start – even if you've ever experienced – it's a wise decision to use the penny stock.

Well, how many people are in the stock market? Hey, it's not as unusual as you think! But those people start buying stocks from all the popular apples, IMB, google and all the other big boys. Do you know the cost of some stocks? It's from $ 100 – $ 500, some to $ 1,000.