Grow your own herbs – the secret of large indoor growth

Do you like the flavor and taste of fresh herbs in homemade dishes? When do you need these herbs, are those herbs very handy? There is no doubt that herbs are almost necessitated in cooking. Visit your local grocery store and you will immediately find a shelf of various herbs that can be expected! Look at their price, some is a small $ 5 a little money. Just think about – exactly the same price, you can buy a small herbal plant that will give you a year of fresh herbs. One of the easiest ways to get fresh herbs is to grow your own herbs. It's not as complicated as you think.

Do not worry; you do not need to be a specialist gardener to grow herbs. All you need is a good sunny day, a good soil, some water and gentle care. Choose where to plant your own herbs indoors or outdoors depends on you. If you have luxurious garden space, you can plant plants outdoors; dry in the winter, store and save. If you have a region in the kitchen or in a sunny place, you can choose to grow herbs in pots and containers.

Let me share some of the great tips and secrets of growing herbs in the room effectively

1. Choose the herbs you want to grow. I like to make parsley for Mexican and zucchini and basil for Italian recipes. You can try planting some simple plants such as parsley, rosemary, oregano, basil, parsley and scallions. These herbs are different during the growing season.

2. Herbs thrive on sunny windowsill. The southeast or south window is ideal and takes about 5 to 6 hours a day for the sun every day.

3. Choose about 6 to 12 inches deep containers. You can also choose to grow different herbs in long and wide containers. It can be terracotta pottery, metal or plastic, as long as it has enough drainage. Use any shape that can work for your space. For beginners, you may want to start planting three to five of your favorite herbs. Make sure the container can hold herbs until they are mature, and they provide enough space for the plant root to breathe.

4. If you have never planted plants before, you may want to buy some small herbs. If you want to grow herbs from the seeds, the herbal starter kit may be a good choice.
These tips are just the fun and interesting hobbies you need to start learning how to grow your own herbs.