He is a sign of romantic interest – to capture the voice showing his interest

Do you want to determine whether this person likes you or has a romantic interest in you? Knowing what signs to know if he has romantic interest is very important. Even if he can not directly express themselves, just like most people, these are the signs to pay attention.

He only has your eyes

Do you catch him staring at you enviously and that his eyes will always follow you.

He laughed a lot in front of you

If someone likes a person, when they are around them, they are very happy if your guy is smiling and joking with him, then he may be interested in your romance.

Want to spend time with you

If he finds every chance to be with you and want to spend time with you through his interest. He may plan to spend time together, because he wants to give you a deep impression, and more understanding of you. Which shows that he likes you and is attracted to you

He is the body

That touched you a lot of people show his romantic fun. When he is talking, he may touch your arm, or hug around you because he wants to be close to the body.

You see him everywhere

This is a coincidence or follow you, no matter where you go, you seem to meet him often. There is no mistake, this guy is a romantic tendency to want to be close to you, his actions clearly show that he wants to date you

He is very interested in your life

What happened to his life and would like to know more about your interests. He is also concerned about your happiness, which shows that he is interested in falling in love with you, if he is not interested in you, he did not want to take the time to know you.

He makes you feel special

He praises you and notes that he loves your little things; he can surprise with a gift and really listen to you. Obviously, he romanticly liked you, or he would not waste your time or emotion.