History and Science Behind Green Tea

The legend of popularism has an apple falling from a tree, and Newton, who falls asleep on his head, gives him insight into the laws of gravity and movement. So, how to find tea, as well as other forms such as green tea story is not so different. Obviously, a Chinese farmer, in the camellia tree cook some water, rest a bit. A few slices of dry leaves drift into the boiling water, emitting a delicious aroma. The farmer woke up and took a wine and looked! The first cup of tea brewed! It was about four thousand years ago that some people claimed that the farmer was sacred. Although it is really a bit skeptical, the drink is sacred not

The truth about tea

But the fact is that tea really originated in the southwest of China, the rule of the Tang Dynasty. Tea spread to other East Asian countries and visit the Portuguese pastor in the 16th century to bring habits to Europe. Studies have shown that tea has become a native of many centuries in northern and eastern India. The pious tea maker presumed the date of use of this drink to Lamarana, insisting that the Sanjivini herbs mentioned might be actually tea. Some even further stories and arguing that even Soma, inspired by the holy drinks of ancient Indian wisdom, in fact, tea

Regardless of history, all types of tea are from camellias. Usually in the early spring and early summer selection from the end of the tea tree and two young leaves. They are then allowed to fade before passing through the oxidation process.

Varieties are the cup of life

Different types of tea are the result of different growth conditions, geography and type.

Black Tea: These tea features are dark because they are allowed to undergo complete oxidation. Flavor is obvious and strong, caffeine content is relatively high. Pu'er is a traditional Chinese tea with medicinal properties and clay flavor

Black tea: This tea comes from China's Hunan and Sichuan provinces. It undergoes a second fermentation process and has a smooth, natural sweet scent. It contains an organism called gold flower because this microbial fermentation

Green tea is allowed to wither and only partially oxidize, so if it is brewed at lower temperatures, it has less caffeine. These teas, with their subtle tastes and bouquets and backgrounds, are the joy of a connoisseur

Oolong tea is also partially oxidized and the content of caffeine is between black and green varieties. It is marked by the fragrance of flowers and fruits

White tea is processed from the youngest buds, without oxidation.

Organic Green Tea

India is the second largest producer of tea in the world and is famous for Darjeeling and Assam tea. The plant is cultivated in cool, hilly areas India is the world's largest tea consumer, is also the largest exporter. The traditional methods of tea cultivation have improved. The new spell is organic green tea and other tea agriculture. This method does not contain chemical and synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides that are beneficial to the entire ecosystem. It combines traditions, innovation and science that bring great benefits. Chemical-based agriculture threatens human health: cancer, allergies, respiratory diseases, kidney problems, skin and eye irritation can be placed on this door.

Go to Green – A Good Health

Draw some skills from ancient Chinese culture, where green tea is used for medical multiplicity

It is an anti-allergen: tea contains polyphenols and flavanols that help to suppress allergic reactions. Organic green tea can help suppress appetite and make safe weight loss auxiliaries. It is a good anti-inflammatory and reduce the inflammatory response in our body. Doctors linked many diseases to inflammation – depression, metabolic syndrome, water retention and arthritis is only part of it

Green tea can brew shorter times to further reduce the already low caffeine content. So it is a good wake up agent, but no harmful like coffee. It is great for skin and hair by punching toxins and improving skin elasticity. Catechins, natural antioxidants, hormonal imbalance and control of acne

For the revival mask, the contents of the two used green tea bags are poured into the bowl. Add a few drops of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey. Apply it to your face and let it dry for about 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Now when you put the kettle on the pot or open the stove, just remember that the green and organic is the best way you can do your own when you do the hot cup