History of the Stock Market

It is important to understand the basic concepts of stock market history before gaining insight into stock market trading and the intricacies of complex, trend and terminology. Broadly speaking, the stock market is essentially a business plot, where the stock or stock trading transactions or transactions occur. The company's stock is basically the company's stock. Surprisingly, the size of the stock market will be about $ 51 trillion.

When discussing the topic of the history of the stock market, one must point out the beliefs of things and the most relevant facts. There are some hints that credit for introducing such trade should be given to Italians. But historians believe that this trade is by some of the Jews and the early 11th century Cairo Muslim businessmen do. This indicates that they have their own stock trading methods. In fact, they point out that those merchants have proven their strength in managing several different payment methods.

Reliable historical pages also show the important role played by France in the early twelfth century. There are a number of intermediaries that operate or manage people-related or group-related agricultural debt in specific areas. They act as mediators between the people and the banks. In the modern case, they can be regarded as stock brokers

Can be found on the stock trading page on the obvious imprint of the convenient role played by Venetian bankers in the 13th century. They did stock trading in government securities. In addition, the 14th century, pizza, Florence and other places of bankers marked the beginning of the government securities market transactions. Subsequently, the AG was initiated by the Dutch, which witnessed the trend of loss of income sustained by the shareholders of the commercial sector

over time, the Amsterdam stock exchange was originally treated as Stock Exchange Bonds and stocks. They provided an excellent service in the early 16th century, providing sensible, as well as stock market trading. Later, almost all the developed countries and developing countries in the past few years are constantly in stock trading, the United States from the front leading.