HM Armed Toy – 10 Things Every Parent Needs Need to Know

With the success of the number of people who are now stopping the action figures, the role of the group's production staff recently by introducing the new "HM Armed Forces. Of the military range in the writing, in the top ten "adventure star" Amazon action chart bestseller list ranked fourth. So what are they, what are they worth buying?

1. What is HM Armed Toys

The HM armed toy series includes action figures from the modern British military, vehicles and role-playing toys.The first range of nine action figures includes three services – the Army, the Royal Navy and The Royal Air Force. These vehicles are used by the service and inspired role-playing, a realistic kit copy available. Total 32 toys

The character of the action is the leather equipment and weapons:

  • Army infantry with uniforms, armor, helmets and assault rifles
  • Royal Navy Diver equipped with diving suits, respirators and wrenches
  • RAF Fast Jet Pilots are equipped with flight suits, side arms and holster, helmets and face shields.

In addition to the basic figures, there are sales of luxury plates, additional weapons, canoes or stretchers.


The range is mainly for boys aged 4 to 9 years old.

3. What are the benefits of the HM Armed Forces?

Since the death of the action, any child who likes to play the toy soldiers are likely to be trapped by small green plastic varieties. Fortunately, this new armed force will play the role of the army to a new level.

These toys are accurate, narrow version of the real items. Their design is very focused on the details of uniforms and weapons. Clothing and equipment are copied from real life to Adam's apple!

The complete action figure is quite large at 25 centimeters but is doing well and robust. Movable parts make the graphics very realistic and allow you to place them in a variety of locations, even on the fingers on the trigger! Most of the clothing and accessories are not removable, although the hands and feet are easy to loose, but it reduces the loss of parts. Life like military equipment is fascinating to any boy.

4. What is the cost of HM armed toys?

The cost of action is between £ 15 and £ 25. Vehicle costs up to £ 50

5. Which is the best HM armed toy?

The attention to the details of the action characters makes them stand out, is by far the best. To buy luxury version, there are a few extra things can save money to buy a separate vehicle or equipment.

6. Which is the worst of the armed forces toys?

The price of vehicles and role-playing equipment seems to be a stumbling block, but if these toys are proven to be of high quality, you may get the cost and durability you pay. Only in May 2009 before the launch of the scope of a little say, but look at this space, we will update its development.


Action map range features: infantry, armored infantry Royal Marine Corps assault Team, the Royal Marine Corps commando and stealth canoe, royal navy diver, mortar and heavy mortar, RAF fast jet pilot, RAF Falcon pilots, RAF winches and stretchers

Current vehicle characteristics Is a fast pursuit of combat tanks, the Royal Navy R / C attack hovercraft and vector thrust fast jet

role-playing toys including stealth kits (including night vision and compass), walkie-talkie, metal detectors,

At present, the region is currently no female soldiers, but before the end of the year there will be a man, there is a villain to complete the role-playing experience.

8. "What is the educational value of" armed forces toys "?

Play Toys Soldiers provide a strong and positive example for children. It helps to develop their moral reasoning by identifying the benefits of bad people. When working with other children, they will collaborate on the play. The range of toys will educate our troops with complete warfare, armed forces, and show them that many areas have a wide variety of job opportunities.


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10. Where can I buy the number of HM armed operations online?

Amazon, ToysRUs and Argos