Hot Dog Life – 3 secrets make it play

For many couples, Hotwife's lifestyle is a marriage protection program – you may find a violation of intuition, taking into account pain, pain and trouble , Usually leading to marriage.

[1945900] [1945900] , Usually means they are behind each other. This means that there are some wrong things between them

But a woman who is a murderer is different because not only her husband's consent and full understanding. Usually she is doing his approved and urged!

Now, for many men and women, this will make their arms panic. No one suggests that anyone who does anything they do not want to do

But the truth is that having a murderer is a man's hottest fantasy – his real question is often stated ""

This is a good question because many women's knee reactions are a sense of loss, almost abandoned feeling; in fact, many of them think the man is asking her to do so can come back to a partner – but the truth is that most men do not want to do that at all. They want their wife to include them in a popular place where they may want to watch, listen, listen, and even

However, it has not had no potential problems, especially at an early stage. So, taking into account this, in the past seven years, I have served my own husband for my hot dog, where there are three The secret can make things go well:

  1. Always put your partner in the first place . Through this I mean it is important that you see a clear distinction between a sexual partner and relationship . If her lover has any pressure to exclude men in any way, then the basic rules must clearly and clearly see marriage as the most important thing. In other words, the lover must go!
  2. Do not expect "the same thing" . As a man, there is no mileage to worry about what she may be doing or with him because she is not for you or with you. This is not a competition, everyone has different likes and dislikes, each couple's sexual power is different. The focus is on whether you get what you need and forget what other people are getting.
  3. Any of you must be able to say to stop [39459006]. Personnel changes, people are so. So it is important that anybody has a veto, whether it be an individual, a potential lover, a situation or an event, or even a whole blood disease lifestyle. This is a disaster recipe when the man is uncomfortable with the man who is loved as a lover, she actually tells him that it is "lucky"

If you Can follow these three simple guidelines, then the zealous lifestyle may be right for you. However, please note your source of information. It is a potential minefield, it is cautious. My wife, Josselyn, has been living in the past seven years, except for a few hs, which is very interesting.