Hotel Global Travel Adapter

It is invaluable to increase the retail sales factor when seeking incremental sales in the service industry. The question is which products can be used, and how to effectively introduce these products for huge profits

Mainly you want to make incremental sales – which means getting additional purchases from customers to increase their average expenditure.

When looking at the hotel industry, we can look at products such as universal travel adapters. A power adapter for converting a 2-pin plug into a 3-pin plug, and vice versa. Usually used as a laptop adapter

You can provide the most useful type for your hotel guests to convert any type of power plug to a local outlet, so called an adapter.

will require adapters for most of the international guests. Some guests will bring their own, others will forget them, need to buy a new adapter. The hotel can offer guests a variety of profitable adapters in several ways. These are summarized below.

1. Store the adapter in the hotel's cheap store: The hotel buys travel adapters at wholesale prices and sells them at retail prices, with profits of $ 5 to $ 10 per adapter.

2. Sell ​​travel adapters from front desk or concierge desk. By asking each guest whether or not an adapter is needed to arrive on arrival.

3. Free use of the universal travel adapter and refundable deposit. The guest borrows the adapter and, if not refunded, charges $ 20.

Many of the leading hotel chains use a mixture of these technologies, buy a large number of adapters and sell them for profit. At the end of the stay, $ 10 is not added to the hotel bill, but when you start selling 5 pieces a day, you can increase the retail price of up to $ 18,250 per year

The goal is to earn high profits and you want to buy in bulk The adapter is as cheap as possible. Looking for online stores such as Travel Adapters Online, you can earn $ 500 by $ 2.25 / $ 1.25 and $ 500 for $ 5 – $ 10 RRP sales by purchasing a CE certified adapter. They sell adapters for US and UK adapters

You also need to find the most suitable retail price. This is the price of the adapter you can sell, and the guests decide that they will go to the local store and buy one for themselves. Remember that you are here to sell convenience, so you can charge a premium. Buying the adapter online will provide you with the best deal.