How do I make him afraid to lose me

Many women in the relationship tend to give their partner too much. Often too late, they realize that their romantic companions are not afraid to lose them. He is not. If your guy is not afraid of losing you, you need to sit down and ask yourself why. The quick and simple answer is because they do not have to worry that you will leave them. You have made them easy. After all, how much time will they be hurt if they see you tolerate countless nonsense, bad behavior and impolite attitude? You are the injured person, not him. So why should he stop because of fear of losing? Since you have not left, he suspects that you will have the will. When you make an unusual behavior in a relationship, it becomes the norm in your relationship. This is the fastest, quickest and easiest way to have a dysfunctional relationship.

If you want him to fear losing you, you will have to stand out for yourself. No one is afraid of weaknesses. A powerful, powerful woman knows that she must act to support her words (or finally pass), and take action to punish his punishment. If you do not mean that, he will not believe you. If he knew you were afraid to lose him, no matter what he did to you, how could you expect him to have any loss of your fear? When you show him, you will be with him, compromise your respect, dignity and happiness, why should you be afraid of losing you? He should not!

You want him or any other person you care about, have a natural, normal fear, and if they mess up, they will lose you. But in order to achieve this, he was so powerful for the first time, you must end things, in a credible way to end them, even if you just put a little hope that he can beg for your forgiveness. If this is not credible, fear will go out at the window, you are as terrible as a puppy. Think of all our fears. We are afraid of these things, because they will make us lose something, hurt us or kill us? That is where most fears come from, fear of death, loss or pain, is not it? If you are the only one who feels pain or lost, why are you looking forward to his fear? Do you think he will be afraid of your tears, your pain or your heartbreak? He will not!

A good place to start a healthy fear in a relationship is to consider your own fears first. If your fear of losing him is so great, it allows you to tolerate his bad behavior without having to stand and you will never get a relationship to get the proper balance or mutual respect. If you are afraid of losing a non-functional relationship, you need to be aware of why you allow yourself to remain in a respectful and disrespectful relationship. Remember that once they lose respect for you, their feelings will change, it's just a matter of time. why? Because you really do not like what you do not respect. By enduring intolerable behavior, you can stick for longer. But expect that bad treatment will go on, or get worse, because you have taught him that he can do horrible things for you and will not lose you. Do not expect him to feel guilty. If your pain does not feel enough to keep yourself in the first place, you can not expect him to put your feelings first.

If you want him to fear losing you because he will not tell you how he feels, then stop telling him that your feelings are the first step. If you want him to fear losing you, because he does not have time for you, please stop doing something for him. If he has not made a commitment to you, then certainly not like you have committed the behavior and behavior. If you want him to be afraid of losing you, if he does, then if he does, immediately end the relationship, quiet for a while. If you want him to fear losing you, then you have to take action, just as he is doing what you think things are broken, he is losing you.

If you love people from blue and then show blue in your life, you should realize that there is a good chance that he does so because you show him that he can , He can get rid of it. He is not afraid of losing you, because he has done so many times, you never moved, find someone else, or lost him. Of course, you may have told him, but he is not afraid of your words. When he comes back, he will only be afraid that you will move on or let him leave. Have you done these things? If you do not, do not sit there and weep and say that he has done it again and again. You have to see how he is not afraid to lose you. Whenever you allow it to happen, you prove to him that he can do it again and should be afraid to lose you. So your choice is to find out the courage to solve this situation the courage, or accept the fact that he will never be afraid of losing.

It is time to accept some facts now. If you really believe that he can change, he loves you, then it is time to put your feet down. If he really can not change, why wait for a change that may never come? Most people only when they have to change, should not you let him have it? If you hang there because you believe he does not love you, can not change, or he is not on him, then what are you doing? How long should you not be happy before you start this relationship and make you unhappy?

Why do you want your fear to drive you? Why are you afraid of asking for respect? Why are you afraid to tell him how do you want him to treat you? Are you living with him? If you are just with him, then you need to ask yourself why you are worse for someone who is worse than the rest of your life. Why do you want to bring out the best people and not bring out your worst people? Until you are strong to admit that you may lose him, you will continue to lose yourself, and even no longer realize that you have become a woman

Not everyone will be afraid to lose you. Many men quit and abuse women as a way out of them. The problem is that many women simply will not let go, but will be more tight than before. Sometimes, we will not be the most loved people, but no matter what way, you do not want to know the truth, or just want to waste you more and more time to live in the fantasy land? Just because you believe that fairy tales or miracles do not mean they will be realized for you.

Remember that standing in your own place to create and enforce a healthy boundary can not guarantee that he will join the disk. Each relationship is unique, he may not be afraid to lose you, because he does not care, or love you enough to do the right thing. He may enjoy the unhealthy dysfunctional relationship you have and resist any change. We can tell you if he will regret losing you and will refuel to the board, or if he lets you go and find someone to go to the stain. The information you are doing depends entirely on you.

Fear can let us not take what we love as a matter of course, let us out of the line, or do some adventure to lose the people we love. If a person has only one person with such fear, then this relationship is always one-sided. It will never grow, mature or continue. It is time to face the fear of losing the relationship without any place. It is time to have a little fear for the person you love, or just to relax and move on.

How do you cherish yourself if he does not attach importance to you or share a relationship with you? You can not do it because if you do that, you will leave this idiot and have no value for you. So why do you continue to focus on this relationship? Why are you afraid of letting it go? If you really let it go, then it will not bother him, so why do you have to stick with it?

All this comes down to the fact that the fear in the relationship is actually healthy for this relationship. When the two sides naturally fear each other, they will respect each other's relationship. When you are the only one who worries about the relationship, fear increases, and neglect and abuse are the same. In too late, have the opportunity to let the fear of health back to your relationship. You owe yourself, find out if it is really possible, and how to make your relationship better.