How do i tell it is the alloy wheel on my car?

You've been fooled by a wheel seller and bought a fake round and thought they were alloy wheels? You are not alone. This is a very common practice with the development of technology. Interestingly, they look very similar and you can not know which one is which. But you do not have to worry. The following is the way you can use to prove that the material you buy is actually the alloy

Metal wheels have become the best wheels on the market over time. Because of their outstanding qualities, they are the most favorite wheels for many drivers. You may put them on your car and can not replace them with any other type of wheels.

· Lightweight to make it more effective

· Some qualities of these wheels that are subject to great pressure and exposure strength include:

· Good Heat


· Various designs

· Great appearance

These are the main features of the wheels that make up the wheel and alloy

Many workshops appear and claim to sell alloys Wheels, but with advances in technology, manufacturers' manufacturers know to make fakes. As a result, a lot of problems have been more and more, the driver has bought a wheel as an alloy brand, but the wear speed is faster than expected. Maybe you are the victim

Each driver asked the big question is: how do i know that my car's wheel is actually a metal alloy?

There are many proven ways to determine whether the wheel on the vehicle is alloy or steel.

Acid Test

Metal alloy wheels are made of aluminum and another metal alloy. Aluminum is not as corrosive as magnesium. You must purchase an acidic solution for this test and choose a hidden position behind the wheel. You do not have to worry about this test, because if it is alloy, no corrosion will occur. However, if corrosion occurs, the hidden point will not be visible. Take a certain amount of acid and apply it to the selected location. If it is alloy wheel, it will not corrode, but if not, corrosion will occur.

Magnet Inspection

Another method used is magnet inspection. Aluminum is non-magnetic. On the other hand, steel is very magnetic. Take a magnet and put it on a suitable wheel. If the magnet sticks together, the wheel is steel rather than alloy. vice versa. However, this does not exactly prove that the wheels you have are aluminum wheels. This is because magnesium is also non-magnetic.

[1945900] Visual inspection

This is why you use your eyes and you have to check the wheel's knowledge. If the rim is completely painted black and does not look like a rear wheel, it is definitely not an alloy. Another way to visually check is to verify that the wheel has a hub cap. If it's there, it's not an alloy. Most alloy wheels do not use the hub cover

There may be other ways to speak alloy wheels from the steel wheel, but these are the best. However, if you are not sure of the wheel after checking, it is recommended that you visit the car manufacturer or consult your mechanic. Mechanics know that many of them have long been forged and real wheels, and they can visually check to discern differences.

The above; acid tests, magnet inspections and visual inspections are methods that you can apply to determine whether a wheel has an alloy.

Make sure you get the right alloy wheels next time and enjoy your recreational facilities!