How does the hot dog strengthen the relationship?

At first glance, it seems obvious that the blitz or the green hat – a woman has sex with a man other than her husband, but her husband's knowledge, consent and often under his urging, Any marriage is disastrous, no matter how tough.

After all, none of us have experienced unfortunate things that may have been done

But this analysis missed the key difference: hot dogs and wearing green hats are not Loyalty, because the husband knows and approves

This is All The difference between global differences

Men are often attracted to encourage his wife to become a hot dog because of the complexity, but it does To biology and their way. In other words, they do not choose their fantasies: their DNA for them to choose it

This is what most women miss this factor when their men ask them to indulge in fantasy

Is a shame, because if the couple in the right way to get close, then ridicule can greatly improve and improve the marriage.

There are three reasons here:

1. Better communication

Most couples do not communicate, not at any profound or meaningful level. However, since 1945,

not only need to establish "basic rules", but for most men, their wives must share clear content

These very important rules, which greatly force the couple to communicate more effectively with other things. This can only be good for a relationship.


Let's face this problem, one of the problems of each relationship is that sex often becomes boring and boring. We all feel … but no one wants to talk about it. This is the elephant in the room.

But hot spots can change everything. Because the wife has a sexual relationship with a new or uncommon partner, and biology thinks it is hot, exciting, adventurous. And the whole situation of "naive" will only increase the heat, especially if the man in the next or in the next room to listen to.


Many women worry that when their men bring up hot topics, men are making a roundabout way to "let" sleep with other women

Although I think this may occasionally Really, but the actual reason is not the case (one of the perennial complaints of women with "swing parties" is that they are hard to get a partner – because so many men really just want to see their wives and other Men do have sex, which is why often invite single men to these gatherings – so husbands have something to see!)

No, these men see or hear their wife "show", really happy, When they return to their bed, they can not wait to love them, and sex is explosive, because

so everyone won, as long as the first to tell yourself, to avoid the trap.