How to any brand in any PDF

Re-brand or sometimes your customers will tell you what they are

Looking for a product, or even point out the function, or

If you listen carefully, they will even show you new

The way to market your product

Perfect example, providing a powerful marketing lesson,

In our new virus file kit, a PDF folder and


The Virus File Kit is designed to allow users

Create or import and edit a text document or any document

Created in Microsoft Office Suite, Open Office Suite,

or related programs. It can also easily handle any RTF


After editing the file in the Virus File Kit

"Manufacturer", specify which parts are variable,

It is saved in a special file format (.vdt format).

the .vdt file, as well as the virus file kit

"Brander" passed to the customer, the joint venture

Partners, Branches, etc.

Those files you will rewrite, pass

Virus File Toolkit Brander, browse to a

The redefineable file is, and then open any file with .vdt


Once the file is opened, the program recognizes it immediately

All variability of the file, as well

Show them in a table where you can change any of them

You selected

The Virus Documentation Toolkit software allows you to make

Plain text, hyperlinks and embedded hyperlink variability.

It even allows you to specify a large number of text blocks

Replaceable (replaceable). You can also re-link the hyperlink

Embedding behind images

One of our potential customers is watching a video

The Virus File Kit is posted on our website:

[http://ViralDocument/] and noted the software

Allows you to do something he wants to do.

He watched the demo video and watched it carefully

The type of file that can be opened in the virus

Document Builder, he noted that the drop-down list is displayed

Not only Word, WordPerfect, RTF, etc. It also shows a few

PDF Options

This customer immediately purchased the software because

He has some old PDF files that he wants to update.

These files have no longer work links, even

No longer accurate part of the text. He saw it

As a perfect tool to solve these problems

When customers buy and start using virus files

Toolkit, he noticed that his version was not available

The option to open an existing PDF file

He became very unhappy and soon let us know that blame

Our "cheating customers"

We explained to him that the virus documentation toolkit never

is designed to allow you to modify existing PDF and

It can not do that This ability never goes beyond our minds

The customer insists that he has seen the software show

PDF as an option in the demo video drop-down menu

After reviewing your own video, I found

He is right. The virus file kit does

Allows me to browse and open any PDF documents that are not

Password protected or encrypted. If it is a password

protected, if i have a password, it will open it.

Further excavation reveals the actual situation. virus

The Document Toolkit uses converters and other "blocks"

The internal software has been identified on your machine

What types of documents can be used on the machine?

Manipulation. It can "see" almost anything is part of it

The program is also "see" PDF converter, I have already

Download and install on my laptop when I work

Other items. There are times when I have a file

Only PDFs are required in Word format for me

You can update them. These are my files

created or purchased the right to change them, however

I can not find the source file.

As the converter has been installed on my machine, the virus

The document kit does have the ability to use it

Preinstalled driver / converter to change any PDF file

I have encrypted or password

protected (I have no password)

The customer pointed out to us the "hidden benefits"

Use software that we did not even try to create. that

The customer pointed out to us a new section

Our Market

The customer told us that we did have a

Some software that will allow you to almost any variable bead

Any link in the PDF file

Needless to say you should not violate

Copyright or permission to change PDF. but,

Watch customers teach us how "brand practice"

Any link to any PDF "